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Free webinar: Holiday zen and the art of planning

The other day, someone in my Facebook feed put up an exasperated post that she was already running across threads of people debating the use of "Merry Christmas" vs. "Happy Holidays." Although I can see where August would seem a bit early for that kind of thing to her, my first thought was that those engaging in those debates now probably work in either retail or marketing. Right around now is when advertisers should start thinking about how they're going to approach ramping up awareness between...

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Create campaign alerts with new Notify Me Automated Rules

Monitoring your Bing Ads campaigns doesn’t have to be time consuming. Instead of repeatedly checking your campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords, use our new ”Notify Me” rules to set up your own custom campaign alerts. This new type of Automated Rule will save you time and effort when staying on top of your latest campaign data. What are Notify Me Rules? Notify Me rules send you emails for campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords that match your search criteria. For example, I can set a Notify...

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Video series: Get results with Bing Ads

If you're new to online advertising, you probably have some questions about whether or not pay-per-click ads are right for your business. Whether you're advertising to a global audience or to your local community, there are some universal tips that can help set you up for success. Those tips and best practices can now all be found in the Get Results with Bing Ads videos. This series covers some of the basics to help you understand the first steps in planning a successful campaign, reaching your...

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Streamlining campaign management with Automated Rules

Managing and optimizing your campaigns effectively and competitively should not stop when you leave the office or get sick. It should also not require hours of manual work every day. That's why today, I’m excited to announce the release of one of our most requested features: Automated Rules. Automated Rules gives you the capability to schedule and automate your top campaign management operations. In this first release, you can automate campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords so that you can turn...

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Updates on how we match keywords

Update 7/2: We’re happy to announce that the normalization and close variant changes have ramped for our English markets (US, UK, CA, and AUS). Please make sure to review the changes and recommendations below to ensure you are maximizing your volume. ----------------------------------------------- Update 5/21: In order to ensure a smooth transition, we’ll be ramping the normalization and close variant changes on small amounts of traffic over the next few weeks to better assess the impact. We...

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