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If you’re new to online advertising and seeking a way to reach potential customers looking for what your business offers, then Smart Campaigns are the best place to start. Drive more phone calls to your business, visits to your store, or traffic to your website by connecting with customers across Microsoft Advertising and other leading advertising and social media platforms.

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1. Identify your online advertising goals


Selecting one or more goals helps our artificial intelligence (AI) craft effective smart ads for you while making sure that your ad campaign settings are optimized for success.

View of the options for choosing advertising goals.

2. Choose where to advertise


With our location targeting options, you decide where users must be located to see your smart ads. Target up to 25 locations in a 50-mile radius to show your business to the right audience.

View of the location targeting feature.
View of the keyword themes options and platform.

3. Select keyword themes


Keywords are words or phrases that relate directly to your business. When you set up keyword themes, you’re helping us match your ads to what potential customers are searching online. Use our suggestions or edit them and customize them as needed.

Platforms you can choose are Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

4. Choose the platforms where your ads show


Manage and run smart ads on Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Select which platforms you want your ads to show on and maximize your return on ad spend with text, image, and video ads.

5. Create smart ads


Create the text ads you’d like to show on search results pages or social media advertising platforms. With the business information you provide, you’ll unleash the power of AI that’ll help build optimized smart ads and target the customers you want.

View of the ad creation platform.

6. Determine budget


Your budget tells us how much you want to spend per day on your smart ad campaign. Use the recommended budget for your campaign or set it yourself. Our system will automatically distribute it across the selected advertising platforms to get the best return on your investment.

View of the budgeting system.

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Frequently asked questions


Visit our Help site to learn more about Smart Campaigns and the Multi-platform feature.

Can I edit my advertising goals after starting a campaign?

No. After selecting your online advertising goals at the beginning of the campaign, you won’t be able to edit them.

Will I need to access multiple platforms to set up my ad campaigns?

No. You can access and manage your ads and social media presence from a single, unified dashboard. Learn more about Multi-platform campaigns.

How is the budget distributed across the different channels for search and social advertising?

We monitor the performance in all channels and our machine-learning algorithm optimizes the budget allocation to maximize your ad performance.

What type of customers should sign up using Smart Campaigns? What type of customers should sign up in “expert” mode?

Customers should use Smart Campaigns if they:

  • Are new to online advertising
  • Do not have a lot of time on their hands
  • Do not intend on using advanced ad features
  • Are direct advertisers

Customers should sign up in “expert” mode if they:

  • Are experienced with online advertising
  • Intend to use advanced ad features
  • Are agencies or large direct advertisers with complex business models