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Multimedia Ads are a great way to complement your existing ad campaigns and tell your customers about your brand story—what sets it apart from the competition and why they should choose your products and services.

If you’re looking for a powerful way to attract more customers and increase sales, Multimedia Ads can help you make your business stand out by impacting your audience with rich visual experiences on Microsoft Bing and Yahoo search results pages. Successful online advertising means catching your potential customers’ attention and showing them the value of your product.

What are Multimedia Ads?

This responsive search ad format can help your brand get more visibility and better convey its story through the use of large images placed on the right rail ad position. This allows you to showcase your products or services without deflecting attention from your text ad placements.

Amplify product discovery and decision making

Multimedia Ads find the most effective combinations of headlines, descriptions, and images to match your content with your potential customers’ searches, saving you time and increasing clicks and conversions. This means your ad will appear to the right people at the right time.

Why choose Multimedia Ads?

  • Get noticed among the competition. With Multimedia Ads, you have the spotlight to showcase your business and products, as only one advertiser is prominently featured at a time in either position.
  • Make an impression by inspiring action across the customer journey. Truly impact your audience with a rich visual experience that helps tell your brand story while increasing clicks and conversions.

Make the most out of Multimedia Ads' features

Jumpstart your Multimedia Ads experience with our automated recommendations and save time using and enhancing your own images with our ad creator.

  • Ad recommendations. If your ads are under performing, our AI can help identify and create ad recommendations with potential for better performance.
  • Ad creator. Easily add images from your website to your ads and enhance those images with designer effects, background blur, and background color in ad creator.
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