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Two people in a kitchen working using a laptop.

Inclusive prompt engineering: How to boost your ad performance with better copywriting

Combining these three powerful tools – Microsoft Copilot’s generative AI, strategic prompt engineering skills, and inclusive advertising insights – advertisers can aim to outperform their baseline ad campaign performance while saving time and effort.

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Two people smiling and celebrating in a sports venue.

Harness the power of sporting events with the Microsoft Audience Network

Every year, hundreds of millions of avid fans attend sporting events in person or tune in from home for the big game. Learn how you can target those fans with Microsoft Advertising.

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Cyclist holding a bike on the mountain while smiling.

Ad targeting for travel and credit card advertisers

Holiday season research shows the strong synergy between travel and credit card advertising, highlighting cross-shopping opportunities and key tactics.

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Microsoft Advertising Partner Celebration.

Celebrating our partners

Microsoft Advertising Partner Celebration is a bi-annual initiative that showcases the outstanding work of our partners. This half, we saw some impressive nominations from our partner community and are very excited to announce the winners!

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