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Boost product visibility and sales with in-market shoppers using our vendor marketing platform


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Example of a sponsored sparkling water ad in the search results page.

Proudly delivering results and creating strong returns for some of the largest global brands

Kraft logo, P&G logo, HP logo, Sony logo, Unilever logo.

Powerful marketing channel for brands and suppliers

Deliver targeted promoted products to in-market shoppers within your product categories and increase sales in real time.

Graph showing how PromoteIQ can help you increase sales.
Example of a native sparkling water ad embedded within organic content.

Showcase your brand to in-market shoppers via native product placements

Promote products that appear within native placements embedded alongside organic site content, ensuring a positive experience for shoppers.

PromoteIQ Offsite helps you reach shoppers across the open web

With PromoteIQ Offsite, leverage retailers' first-party data to reach shoppers with your ad, wherever they happen to be browsing. Create more personalized shopping experiences at the awareness and consideration stages to ultimately drive conversions onsite.

Example of an ad in the MSN page.

Access rich analytics and real-time insights about product performance

Gain visibility into real-time product performance on major e-commerce platforms—including rich data and shopper purchases and marketing attribution.

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