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Disruptive Marketing to Generation X- Y and Z Q&A

We’re recapping the audience questions and answers we received during the Disruptive Marketing to Generation X, Y and Z webcast, which is now available on-demand. We explored trends, tactics and strategies to reach three key audiences: parents, students and teachers across three generations for back-to-school shopping. We discussed tactics for each demographic and each month of the shopping season.

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Reaching customers in the final weeks of the holiday season

During the final weeks of the holiday season it will be crucial to continue PPC optimizations efforts as well as prep for the time period beyond. Here are a few quick tips as reminder of key tasks to watch throughout the last critical weeks for advertisers selling online: Juggle Budgets Check ad spends regularly to ensure that campaigns are getting as much visibility as possible. In the dimensions tab, use the drop-down to show time by date to see daily spend. By enabling the graph, you can...

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Ready, set, budget: Cyber Monday is coming soon

Last year, Cyber Monday was the highest volume holiday search day on our network1 – exceeding $2 Billion in sales for the first time – the greatest online sales day in history!2 It’s a busy week indeed; half of the top search days fell during Thanksgiving week.1 As the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaches, remember that Cyber Monday falls on the last day of the month – we don’t want you to miss out on significant traffic if your budget may be at risk of running out. Remember to allocate...

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Campaign planning with the Bing Ads 2015 holiday calendar

Zen may be the last word you associate with holiday shopping ad strategy, but if there’s any way to be chill this season, it’s by planning ahead. Without a doubt, the big winners of the 2014 holiday season were those who planned, coordinated their plans across media and then planned some more. To help you master the art of digital holiday marketing, Bing Ads has created the 2015 interactive calendar so you can: Know the critical shopping dates you need to plan around. See spending trends – many...

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Get more clicks on a budget with Lower Bid Opportunity

If the budget you have to work with is limiting your campaigns' ad delivery, no doubt you'd be interested to learn about a new feature that could help you gain more clicks -- and potentially, more customers -- without spending more. If that sounds good to you, then let us introduce you to Lower Bid Opportunity, a new optimization feature that makes better use of your limited budget to help get you more clicks. What is Lower Bid Opportunity? All PPC marketers know that lowering bids can decrease...

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