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Maximize vendor marketing revenue and control with our platform for retailers


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Snapshot of the PromoteIQ vendor marketing dashboard.

Trusted technology partner to some of the largest global retailers

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Maximize ad revenue and control by working directly with your brand partners

Leading retailers are now bringing vendor marketing in-house and taking control over native advertising on their e-commerce sites. PromoteIQ provides a powerful technology suite for retailers to manage every aspect of this critical business.

Graph showing how you can maximize ad revenue.
Snapshot of examples of enterprise control for your vendor marketing program.

Automated enterprise controls for your vendor marketing program—from prices to vendor permissions

Easily deploy and manage your vendor marketing program at scale—including powerful enterprise tools to manage hundreds of brands promoting millions of products on and off your site.

Launch engaging native placements that align neatly with your organic shopper experience on site

Native ad placements blend seamlessly with organic site content, with integrated relevance and performance controls to ensure a smooth shopper experience.

Snapshot of native placements in the search results page.
Example of an ad in the MSN page.

Unlock the power of PromoteIQ Offsite and enable brand partners to reach your shoppers

PromoteIQ Offsite empowers brands to reach your shoppers wherever they are through a unified approach to retail media. Brands can now unlock advertising opportunities at the awareness and consideration stages by engaging with your shoppers on third-party websites.

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