For small businesses today, online advertising is one of the most important ways to drive traffic and increase sales. While you may already be using tools and solutions offered by Google and Facebook, you could be missing out on other advertising opportunities that deliver impactful results. Over 48 million people in the United States never use Google for search—they use Microsoft’s Search Network.

Utilizing online advertising solutions from Microsoft Advertising can help you to tap into this market, convert users to customers, and improve your overall business results. Find out how to advertise online using Microsoft Advertising.
A phone placed on a laptop displays the word "ads" and other images on its screen.
A woman sitting indoors works on her laptop computer with a glass of milk placed next to her.
Online advertising offers an efficient use of marketing dollars for small businesses looking to reach new customers and increase sales. Learning how to advertise online using Microsoft Advertising solutions can help your small business grow without breaking the bank. It’s also easy to copy over your existing Google and Facebook advertising campaigns and start using Microsoft’s Search Network.

Get started today with online advertising using Microsoft Advertising.