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The Microsoft Search Network audience

The Microsoft Search Network is a part of your customers' lives, powering the devices, apps and sites they use every day and meeting them in the moments that matter most. Find out more about the Microsoft Search Network audience in the U.S. and how users are searching from their desktop computers below.,

Inclusive Marketing: Why it’s essential for your brand

  January 27, 2020

Learn about Inclusive Marketing and the key elements that uncover a new framework for innovation, business relevancy and brand preference. Gain insight on the difference between diversity & inclusion and Inclusive Marketing, and how they relate.

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Helpful migration tips for Expanded Text Ads and final URLs

  January 24, 2020

Learn useful ways to migrate to Expanded Text Ads and final URLs using the Microsoft Advertising Editor and our Recommendations tab. Get benefits such as easier tracking management, faster load times of your landing pages and more engaging ads.

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Microsoft Advertising: Creating a greener 2020 one tree at a time

  January 22, 2020

Microsoft’s commitment to harnessing the power of technology to help build a more sustainable future is more important than ever. Microsoft Advertising is excited to announce a global sustainability initiative with a goal to plant 250,000 trees in 2020.

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For Virgin Australia, our core customer segmentation aligns more with the Bing Network audience. I think that might be one reason we’ve increased the investment because we've seen that performance growth and the conversion rates.

— BEN WILL, Digital media specialist, Virgin Australia


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