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Today’s customer journey takes buyers on a complex path that can be difficult to follow. How do you connect with your target audience when they use different devices and visit different websites? Our network puts your ads in front of customers across multiple properties and devices they use in their journeys. We partner with proven, reputable and tested sites such as CBS, DuckDuckGo and Forbes. With more opportunities for your customers to find your ads, our partners often offer attractive returns and solid conversions on your ad spend.

Reach your customers on their complex journey.

Why use search partners?

  • Better value. On average, ads leveraging our search partners achieve more clicks, lower CPCs and more conversions than ads on MIcrosoft Bing-owned and operated properties alone. By serving your ads through our partners, you can improve your return on ad spend.
  • A wider audience. With search partners, you reach a mobile audience through well-known partners with large mobile market share. If mobile traffic is important for your campaign, running ads on our partner network is the right thing for you.
  • Transparency and control. Traffic coming from partners needs to pass both human and artificial intelligence quality checks to make sure it meets both performance and brand safety standards. Additionally, you receive detailed reporting on traffic sources, giving you valuable insights to help optimize your campaigns. If you don’t like the performance of a specific website, you can remove it from your campaigns.

Get started: Introduction to search partners

Learn how to maximize the results you get from our search partners by taking our optimization training.

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