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It’s time to reap the money-saving benefits of programmatic advertising. You can’t beat its real-time data collection and efficiency. By analyzing customer behavior and trends, programmatic algorithms place your ads right in front of the customers most interested in your product at the very moment they’re most likely to convert.

As an advertiser, make faster decisions—like which demographics to remarket to—and take a proactive approach to consumer changes. Since you purchase programmatic ads on a cost-per-impression basis, you can run successful campaigns even for small businesses.

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What’s programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising uses advanced algorithms and real-time consumer behavior to expose your target audience to ads across different channels. Advertisers buy ad inventory to automatically display ads across an open network of platforms, and content publishers sell their ad impressions to advertisers in real time.

In the past, you would reach out to each individual publisher to run your ad on their space, but in today’s world, you need a more efficient omnichannel approach. Programmatic advertising eliminates the need for that manual reach-out by letting you purchase ad inventory across a wide network of platforms.

When you buy ad inventory, your ad appears as a native ad on a social media platform, on a connected TV platform like Netflix, on mobile devices, on a digital-out-of-home (DOOH) platform like a digital billboard, and more.

Algorithms use audience data to select ideal individuals to target with your ads and, because this information is collected in real time, it’s much more accurate and efficient than any other sort of consumer research. To the delight of advertisers, programmatic advertising gives you the opportunity to analyze collected data as well. Easily track attribution, engagement, and conversions to optimize your strategy.

Where does programmatic advertising reach customers?

Advertising on a single channel isn’t enough nowadays. A single customer may need to view your ad several times before they finally commit to buying your product or signing up for your newsletter; and people constantly expose themselves to different platforms throughout their day—social media, streaming, billboards, and more. Lucky for you, this omnichannel advertising strategy connects with customers across a wide variety of platforms.

  • Native ads
  • Connected TV
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Digital-out-of-home (DOOH)

Programmatic advertising is on the rise—because it works

Programmatic advertising continues to soar to the forefront of businesses advertising strategies because it’s efficient and yields results. Marketers put more than 50% of their media budget into this method because it puts their message in front of a highly targeted audience at scale. Businesses can’t deny the results from programmatic advertising campaigns.

  • 19% of advertisers are increasing spending due to better return on investment (ROI) and performance.
  • 41% of advertisers say multichannel advertising is extremely important across the entire funnel.
  • 60% of marketers say multichannel campaigns meet or exceed their key performance indicators (KPIs) most—or even all—of the time.
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Xandr omnichannel programmatic advertising

With Xandr, run scaled programmatic advertising campaigns and reach audiences with one of the world’s largest marketplaces.

Buy digital advertising efficiently across unique, and sometimes exclusive, global, and regional channels. On top of that, leverage data to make quick adjustments to your strategy as buyer trends shift. Benefits include:

  • Advertise on connected TV, including exclusive access to advertise on Netflix’s new ad-supported tier Basic with Ads launching November 2023 as part of the Netflix/Microsoft partnership.
  • Advertise with display and native ads across a variety of channels.
  • Increase your ad campaign efficiency with automated technology.
  • Grow your business by advertising on a wide, global scale.
  • Analyze collected information to make data-driven decisions to your strategy.

Check out some Xandr case studies for inspiration


Your business has unique needs, so schedule a free appointment with a specialist to learn more about programmatic advertising and what it can do for your business. Think about your advertising goals and how Microsoft Ads solutions can get you there.