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Press Play on a Small Business Marketing Strategy that Rocks: Three-Part Webcast Series

I’m excited to share the upcoming 3-part webcast series that we’ve designed to help small businesses learn how to get the most out of the digital landscape and paid search advertising. I have always been passionate about small businesses, since I grew up in a family that owned a small local florist and know how important driving new customers each and every week can be to the viability of your business. I’ve also had the privilege of producing educational events around the US and Canada for small businesses to learn how to use Bing Ads in the most effective way possible.
So time and time again I’ve heard from small businesses the need to get a big-picture strategy as well as some specific actions you can take right away to make a positive impact on your business. Thus – this series was born! I’ve partnered close with Matt Fisher, a Bing Ads colleague with extensive digital marketing and first-hand retail experience to bring you this educational series. In our new series, you’ll learn strategies that can help make your budget work harder and discover how to reach more of the right customers - without missing a beat.

So register once for all three webcasts here with a schedule of October 18, 20, and 25 at 10:00 AM PT and learn how to rock your digital marketing strategy. Also if you can’t make the live webcast, just register and you’ll be able to watch on-demand when it is convenient for you.
  • October 18 - Feel the Beat: YOU Set the Rhythm in the Customer Journey: ​The purchase funnel has dramatically changed and understanding the customer experience in today's world is critical for a small business that is critical in making every moment count. The Customer Decision Journey indicates that customers begin their decision-making process by forming impressions of your product, brand or service from multiple touchpoints, long before they're actively shopping. They're using search engines on PC, tablet and mobile, reading review sites, getting social network inputs - and you need to be right there with them. So if you are interested in learning how to keep your marketing efforts on a steady beat throughout that journey this is the webcast for you.
  • October 20 - Find Your Hook: Get Stuck in their Heads with Catchy Ads: Although your potential customers may not be actively looking to purchase your product or services, that doesn't mean they can't be triggered to go for it. We will show you how to meet your business goals with well-timed, eye-catching paid-search strategies built to engage customers when they are searching. And we will also discuss the importance of reaching and targeting the right customer at the right time with the right ads.
  • October 25 - Go Solo: Create a Bing Ads Campaign that Steals the Spotlight: Learn how to use paid search advertising and free tools from Bing Ads to gain as much market share as possible during specific time periods. We'll talk about how to execute targeted marketing when the customer has experienced a purchase trigger - and how the right message can nudge the customer into that purchase.
Please join me and Bing Ads Digital Marketing veteran, Matt Fisher as we walk you through these digital marketing concepts and search strategies in this 3-part webcast series. You’ll also get a chance at asking us questions in the live Q&A Register now.