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Preview the new Segmentation feature in Bing Ads (US Only)

Have you wanted deeper performance insights into your campaigns' data tables?  Have you been frustrated that you have had to go to the Reports workspace to get the data you need?  We're fixing that with Segmentation, a new feature that will let you slice and dice your data by attributes that matter most to you, like Time, Network, Device, or Top vs. Other.

Segmentation is currently available as a preview within the Bing Ads user interface for advertisers in the US. What this means is that if you'd like to have access to it, you need to let us know so we can enable it for your account (see info at the bottom on how to opt-in). Note that while this feature is in preview, we'll be collecting data and feedback to evaluate functionality prior to it being made more widely available to all Bing Ads markets; updates may be made to Segmentation while it's still in the preview phase.

How Segmentation works

To use Segmentation, click the Segment button in the toolbar above the table and select the attribute that you would like to apply to the data in your table.   

For example, segment your Impression, Click, and CTR data by Device Type to see what devices your audience is seeing your ad on. 

 bing ads segmentation

Each row in the table that has performance data will then be segmented by the attribute that you selected.

 bing ads segmentation

You can also download your segmented data directly from the tables into a .csv or Excel report to conveniently share with your clients, or use for further analysis. 

Start by clicking on the Download button to open up the download workflow.

 bing ads segmentation

Select the download format that you want and the segment, if any, you want exported with your data.  Click Download to get your file.

 bing ads segmentation

Questions? Comments?

As always, feel free to ping us on Twitter. You can also submit your ideas for how to improve Bing Ads at our Feature Suggestion Forum.