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Introducing the SEM Insider Insights podcast series

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To make Bing Ads an effective endeavor for search engine marketing (SEM) pros, we spend a lot of time talking to the people who use it. When we meet someone who is truly mastering the art and science of SEM, we do our best to convince them to share their knowledge with you.
Give yourself a shortcut to staying informed and up to speed with our SEM Insider Insights podcast series, featuring interviews with some of the sharpest SEM leaders in the industry.
In addition to discussions with independent experts and consultants, we’re getting down into the SEM trenches and meeting with the professionals who are staying ahead of the competition by innovating strategies every day. They’re sharing with us – and you – their opinionated, first-person spin on the challenges SEM pros face trying to surf the cutting edge.
We invite you to listen in on the conversation and take advantage of the great opportunity to learn something new or maybe help you to confirm a path forward.
Here’s what we’re talking about:

Podcast: Ad testing tips and tricks

SEM pro: Brad Geddes, Adalysis

Podcast host Frances Donegan-Ryan thanked her lucky stars when Brad Geddes, author and co-founder of Adalysis, dropped by to share his ad testing tips and tricks. At the top of his list was this gem, “If you’re not testing, you’re not understanding.” Geddes explained that testing is the only way to understand how you’re influencing customers and discovering what they care about.
Projects start with Bing Ads research, gleaning new ideas discovered by the Bings Ads team. With the help of Bing Ads’ heat maps, Geddes discovers the most commonly used words in different ad types. He can also determine which words people would use for the targeted product or service.

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Podcast: For rising SEM pros, on-the-job practice makes perfect

SEM pro: Maddie Cary, Point It Digital Marketing
If you’re a new SEM professional – or want to help motivate the younger set on your team – listen to or share this interview with Maddie Cary.
When Cary joined Point It Digital Marketing as an intern, her college education hadn’t prepared her well for the job ahead. But just six years in her role, Cary has captured the attention of not only her employer but industry watchers as well, winning multiple awards, including Young Search Professional of the Year by US Search Awards. How’d she do it? In this podcast, Cary said the key to starting a successful career in SEM and PPC is to take it upon yourself to continually polish the skills this dynamic profession requires.

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Podcast: Paid-search success in a mobile-first world

SEM pro: Aaron Levy, Elite SEM

Developing SEM strategies for mobile devices is no longer an option for marketers, it has become a necessity. Considering that, on average, more than half of all searches are done on mobile devices annually (that figure jumps to 75 percent on Thanksgiving and Black Friday) having an effective mobile strategy is the key to survival. When Frances Donegan-Ryan talked to Aaron Levy from the digital agency, Elite SEM, he emphasized that going mobile isn’t a simple matter of scaling an image to fit a handheld device screen.
Why’s that? Consumers’ mindsets can change depending on when and where they’re using devices. As a result, marketers shouldn’t take a “device-first approach,” said Levy. Instead, marketers need to create mobile experiences that allow consumers “to do what they want to.”
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Click here to check out the SEM Insider Insights podcast series. Reach out to us on Twitter @BingAds and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your speaker and topic recommendations!