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Meet Our Team! Top 3 Tips By Teammate at SES NY

It’s the last day of SES NY and the Bing Ads booth is brewing! Loads of attendees with questions, stories and knowledge around Bing Ads and search in general. If you have been to SES you know what I am talking about as the house is packed with search experts! Some of these include our very own Bing Ads staff who have been answering questions non-stop these last two days.

For those of you who didn’t attend SES or have a chance to stop by our booth, I want to introduce you to our Bing Ads experts and share their top tips and tricks.

Dave Rigotti, our Product Marketing Manager.

Dave Rigotti

Dave’s top three tips & tricks:

1. Come to our sessions, say hi, and tell us what’s on your mind.

2. Get accredited and listed in the directory.

3. Check out sitelinks, now available on the Yahoo! Bing Network in the US and UK.

Angela Roberts, our Media Specialist.

Angela Roberts

Angela’s top three tips & tricks:

  1. Add sitelink extensions to your campaigns, in order to help boost CTR and cover more real estate within the mainline search results.
  2. Save time by utilizing the Google Import option in BING Ads. You can import all your campaigns directly from Google by clicking on “Import from AdWords” in the UI.
  3. Try bidding on all three match types (broad, phrase and exact) with a tiered bidding structure (i.e. lowest bid on broad, bid 10% up on phrase and 20% up on exact) to help drive volume and boost CTR.

Duane Forrester, our Senior Product Marketing Manager (and event speaker).


Duane’s top three tips & tricks:

  1. Engage your customers socially. They will spread the word that you are an excellent business far and wide. That’s a signal the search engines see and respond to.
  2. If you want to WOW a search engine, WOW your customers. Do usability testing and build a better experience for customers. They’ll thank you with more engagement, sales, return visits and references. We’ll follow along to see what all the fuss is about!
  3. Build unique content. Content is what searchers seek, so reward them by going deep on the topic and providing them with everything they need. Taking short cuts with content leads to poorer rankings and less traffic.

Tiffanie Fujita, our Account Executive.


Tiffanie’s top three tips & tricks:

  1. Use the Import Campaign Tool to get your campaigns ported over to get started quickly & easily
  2. Bing is a great place to test campaigns without worrying about blowing out a small test budget in a couple of days
  3. Get Bing Ads accredited, it’s free and a great way to update your tool knowledge and become an expert.