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See how you stack up with inline competitive metrics

As marketers, we have all asked the same question – “How can I better measure the effectiveness of my ad campaigns?” Most of us want to know how we are doing compared to our competition. You can now add Competitive metrics, sometimes referred to as Share of Voice metrics, to your in-line performance views across the Bing Ads web experience.

Start using Competitive metrics today

Log into your Bing Ads account and within the Accounts Summary, Campaigns, Ad Groups, or Keywords grids, you can click the Columns button. From there you can add any combination of metrics from the Competitive (Share of Voice) section and click Apply.

Things to know when using this new feature

All of these new metrics work in conjunction with other reporting features, such as filters, period comparison, segmentation and the ability to download. These competitive metrics are also available in the Reports tab and Bing Ads API across the following reports: Account Performance, Campaign Performance, Ad Group Performance, and Share of Voice.
If you would like to learn more about each metric, and what they represent or how to interpret them, you can visit the Help page.

More reporting enhancements to come...

One of our goals for reporting on Bing Ads is to surface the information you want, in the context you want it, so you can make quick and informed decisions across your ad campaigns. Enabling you to view competitive metrics across the broader Bing Ads web experience is one of many reporting enhancements we have for you this year.

Let us know how we can better help you make great decisions across our web experience. Reach us on Twitter and our Feature Suggestion Forum with your ideas, comments, and suggestions.