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Re:search with Bing - Automotive Model Launch Strategies


Capitalize on search demand arising from new model reveals

Webcast overview

Duration: 55 minutes
Available: On demand


Driven by rapid advancements in technology, the automotive industry is on the precipice of change. As a result, the automotive consumer decision journey has become longer, more complex and with a growing number of new models expected to hit the marketplace, more competitive.

What does this mean for marketers? It’s crucial to build your brand and present prospective buyers with the right message at the right time. Based on a study conducted by our search analytical lead, Amanda Pasciolla, we’ll share four strategies to help you succeed in a competitive, ever-changing landscape.

What you’ll learn during the Webinar:

  1. External factors driving changes in the marketplace.
  2. Consumer behavior trends around the release of new models.
  3. Targeting tactics to reach the right audiences.
  4. Top features to showcase in your messaging.
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MJ DePalma

Head of Multicultural & Inclusive Marketing

Microsoft Advertising

MJ DePalma serves as the Head of Multicultural & Inclusive Marketing for Microsoft Advertising with 24 years of business experience serving industries such as autos, retail, travel, pharmaceuticals, and telco. She pioneered Inclusive Marketing as something more than just multicultural marketing only a few years ago. She is a global speaker on Inclusive Business Strategy and is recognized by the C-suite as a trusted business innovator. Often heard from CMO’s leaving MJ’s sessions are statements like, “I am going to completely change how I do business,” or “When most are talking D&I, you are actually showing how to make business impact with inclusion,” and “Genuine. Authentic. Real. Visionary.”

Amanda Pasciolla

Operations PM Manager

Operations PM Manager

Amanda has spent her career in the digital advertising space and currently utilizes the breadth of Microsoft’s product portfolio and the power of predictive analytics and machine learning to analyze trends and consumer behavior. Amanda empowers Microsoft’s top Automotive customers through focused brand narratives, driving performance and growth with unique and actionable insights.