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The Future with Generative AI: Transforming Search and Advertising

November 2023

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Our vision, products, and plans for generative AI

Generative AI is one of the most exciting and promising technologies in the field of search and advertising. In this webcast, you will learn about our vision, products, and future plans for generative AI.

Discover some of the innovative generative AI features and products that Microsoft Advertising is developing or evolving, such as Conversational Ads in Bing Chat, CoPilot in the Microsoft Advertising Platform, and Ads for Chat API, including plugins.  

Don’t miss this chance to learn from the experts and stay ahead of the curve. 

In addition to registering for The Future with Generative AI: Transforming Search and Advertising webcast on November 2nd, check out our most recent Generative AI webcast, available on-demand starting October 25th:

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James Murray

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Passionate product marketer and evangelist with ten years’ experience working with disruptive technology, search, big data and online analytics. Exceptional communicator with strong storytelling focus and ability to simplify complex concepts. A marketer, strategist, analyst and public speaker with proven ability in both creative and technical markets.