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Taking a pulse: Trends impacting the Health & Wellness consumer

March 2022

Insights & trends
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Trends impacting the Health and Wellness/Pharmaceutical consumer

The Health, Life Sciences, and Pharmaceutical industries have faced complex nuances, yet we see new research, analytics and advertising insights that help plan for an optimistic outcome. In this jam-packed event, you will learn how partnerships create impact for health organizations, their patients, and their businesses with special guest Claire Bonaci, Sr. Director of the US Life Sciences Industry team at Microsoft. 

You will walk away with:  

  • Insights into a new persona: the self-care enthusiast and their online behavior
  • Tips to prepare your digital transformation for a cookie-less future
  • Knowledge on how search and native advertising can help you target and authentically engage with audiences more effectively

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Itir Aloba-Curi

Director of Sales

Microsoft Advertising

Itir Aloba-Curi has over 20 years of digital advertising experience on the client, agency, and publisher side.  She started working on Pharma advertising as part of her first agency role creating Rx search campaigns. Since then, she has led MSFT Advertising’s Health and Wellness Analytics and Client Services teams. She is very passionate about connecting patients with the right type of medical information while they are going through their treatment and healing journey. She has a Master’s in Organizational Change and Development, and Executive Coaching certificate from NYU.

Kelli Kemery

Market Research Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Kelli is lead researcher on the Microsoft Advertising Market Intelligence team where she spends her days researching consumer perceptions, adoption of new tech, influences on digital marketing, and how advertising influences consumer behavior and perceptions.  She has been in market research for over a decade, working with brands like YouTube, Capital One, Bank of America, and more before joining the Market Intelligence team at Microsoft. She is a passionate storyteller, working to help brands build strong emotional connections with their consumers. Her goal is to teach brands how to be inclusive, trustworthy and responsible, while showing the power of marketing with a purpose. 

Claire Bonaci

Sr. Director of the US Life Sciences


She works in partnership with US life science companies, pharma, and health organizations to create innovative Microsoft solutions specific to the issues affecting their patients and their business.  

She brings with her an expertise in the clinical trial and pharmaceutical industry, having been a global study lead on oncology clinical trials at a large pharmaceutical company prior to joining Microsoft. She has deep understanding of the clinical trial value chain and the complex nuances that biotechnology and life science companies experience. She is passionate about the many services and innovations Microsoft has to offer to reduce time to market for new drugs and provide better outcomes to patients.  

Claire is also the producer and host of the Confessions of Health Geeks podcast, an industry focused podcast on the biggest trends and pain points in health and life sciences. Find the podcast here.  

Claire has a passion for inspiring young women to be interested in STEM and leadership roles in STEM related fields. She recently hosted and spoke at the HBA Seattle Digital Health Panel and is very involved in local mentorship programs for girls in STEM.   

Kirsten Fischl

Analytical Lead

Microsoft Advertising

Kirsten Fischl is an Analytical Lead in Microsoft’s Advertiser Analytics & Insights Group. She focuses on Health & Wellness clients, serving mainly pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. She uses search to provide industry insights and tackle client problems with data-driven strategy. Prior to Microsoft, she worked at corporate advisory firm where she specialized in media analytics and primary market research. 

Annika Kirkegaard

Analytical Lead, Health and Wellness

Microsoft Advertising

Annika is a member of our Microsoft Advertising Advertiser Analytics & Insights team. This group is a part of the Microsoft Advertising Business Team and their focus is to deploy trustworthy analytics to illuminate the business potential for our clients. Their role is to interface directly with clients to deliver custom, innovative analytical insights that our clients can use to optimize their Search business. 

Pedro Bojikian

Product Marketing Group Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Pedro leads the Audiences and Reach team at Microsoft Advertising responsible for connecting the work of our product development groups to advertisers.

After years overseeing campaigns and marketing plans for Windows devices and Microsoft’s online services, he now helps Brands to meet their volume and targeting needs across Search, Native and Display advertising. He also drives key conversations about the phase out of third-party cookies and how Microsoft Advertising can help during this transition. 

Jessica Provda

Senior Account Executive

Microsoft Advertising

Jessica started her Digital Media career at Ogilvy in 2003 and has held various positions on the agency side, publisher, ad tech space and currently works at Microsoft in New York. Jessica has been with Microsoft for 5 years and has worked across a variety of verticals with Health and Wellness being her current focus. In her current role, she partners with senior-level leadership across agencies and direct clients to bring forth innovation at Microsoft. She has been successful in growing her partnerships by bringing a client-first approach, listening to what her client challenges are and bringing solutions that often exceed expectations. She has been a strong partner her clients and has helped grow their adoption of Microsoft products across all of their clients. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys spending time with her family, friends, traveling and is an avid exercise enthusiast.