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Create campaign alerts with new Notify Me Automated Rules

Monitoring your Bing Ads campaigns doesn’t have to be time consuming. Instead of repeatedly checking your campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords, use our new ”Notify Me” rules to set up your own custom campaign alerts. This new type of Automated Rule will save you time and effort when staying on top of your latest campaign data. What are Notify Me Rules? Notify Me rules send you emails for campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords that match your search criteria. For example, I can set a Notify...

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Tutorial: Getting started with Bing Ads

Back in the day, one of the most popular places for businesses to advertise their products and services in was the phone book. When your potential customers pulled out that big white and yellow book to find the number of the local pizza delivery place, if you owned a restaurant that could be one of those places for them, you needed to make sure you had an ad in there so you'd stand out from the competition. That was then... this is now. The way we look for information on local businesses has...

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One Display URL Domain per Ad Group

Display URL plays a vital role in ad copy, as it signals users on where they’ll get redirected to after clicking. An example of a display URL is “,” marked in green in the below ad copy: Typically, the purpose of an ad group is to bring together related ads and keywords under a common theme and therefore, sharing the same display URL domain for all ads. In our efforts to provide our users with a high quality experience, we’ve decided to enforce an additional check...

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Broad Match: The ultimate volume player

You know broad match brings you additional traffic. However, you at times question the relevance of broad match, particularly when compared to other popular match types. Just like beauty, ad relevance is in the eye of the beholder. In search advertising, our searcher’s interpretation of relevance can vary drastically based on their unique personas, preferences and trends. In the past 12 months, we’ve worked hard to improve our broad match technology to give you quality and control, in addition...

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Demystifying display, destination and landing page URLs

Before jumping right in to explain how the different URLs used in Bing Ads campaigns are reviewed for Bing Ads editorial policy compliance, let's take a minute to define each to ensure we're all on the same page: The display URL is the webpage address that appears within your ad, typically in green text. The destination URL is the address of the webpage that you enter during your campaign set up in Bing Ads that enables you to track performance at the keyword or device level; it is not displayed...

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