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Find the ideal audience with In-market Audiences

Finding and attracting the ideal audience can be challenging and time-consuming for many advertisers. In-market Audiences can help you to quickly reach consumers who are ready to buy. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft is able to predict and identify people who’ve shown purchase intent signals within certain categories.

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Help save time with Search and Budget Opportunities within Bing Ads app

Help save time and manage your campaigns more efficiently with new search functionality. Take advantage of opportunities while on the go to help keep your ads from not showing as often as they can due to campaign budget limitations.

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See how your feedback has reshaped Bing Ads in the second half of 2017

Another overview of updates and improvements to the Bing Ads product experience based on feedback from advertisers like you. This includes richer targeting and reporting features, as well as time-saving tools for managing ads, bids, budgets, and more.

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Bing Ads Editor: Bringing greater control on when to show your ad extensions and improved shared libraries

Save time and manage your campaigns more efficiently with ad extension scheduling for all your extensions and improved shared libraries for Call Extension and Location Extension in Bing Ads Editor for Windows (Mac version coming soon).

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