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‪Ad management update: Test landing pages and filter by URL

We’ve made some recent improvements to Upgraded URLs so that you can now test your landing pages and filter your ads with upgraded URL filtering options. This way you can be sure you’re giving your potential customers the best experience and categorize your keywords and ads by URL more efficiently. Let's dive in to these two new exciting features.

Test your landing page when you create or edit an ad

Do you wonder if your ad's landing page is leading your potential customers to the right part of your website, with or without all the fancy tracking methods and parameters you used? Now you can be sure: while you are creating or editing your ad, you can test your landing page by clicking on test button under Ad URL options.

URL tracking template exxample
When you test your landing page, you will get a message indicating whether a problem was encountered with the landing page. Click the ellipsis icon next to the message to see detailed information about the click URL, tracking template, final URL, and other attributes that were used. Please visit our help page to get more information about testing your landing page and how to fix any issues you may face.

landing page URL examples

Filtering with Upgraded URLs

Bing Ads advertisers are now able to filter their keywords and ads according to Final URL, Mobile URL, or Tracking Template. You will see new options when you create filters on the Keywords and Ads tabs.

 final url, mobile url, and tracking template options now available

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