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Campaign Analytics will sunset tomorrow, continue conversion tracking with Universal Event Tracking

Earlier this year we announced Campaign Analytics would sunset on October 31, 2016, and a migration plan toward the more powerful Universal Event Tracking (UET). Starting tomorrow, Bing Ads no longer supports Campaign Analytics. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll want to ensure UET is set up so you can continue to track conversions (i.e. purchase, sign up, download) to your site. This can be done as easily as One, Two, Three:

Step One: Check your tag
Check if you have any auto-created UET tag with tag name “UETTag_Autogen_for_CA” under “Conversion Tracking -> UET tags”.

Step Two: Create new conversion goals and UET tag
If you have an auto-created UET tag, you can just skip this step and go straight to Step Three.
Otherwise, you will want to create new conversion goals and UET tag. Follow these instructions on how to set up conversion goal and UET tag.

Step Three: Add the UET tag to your website
Once you’ve got your conversion goal(s) and UET tag, you’ll add the new UET tag to your website and remove any existing Campaign Analytics tags. Visit this page to learn how to add the tag to the site.

Additional Resources

Still have questions? Learn more about conversion tracking and UET from the Help page.

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