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Nan Li

Program Manager, Microsoft, Microsoft Advertising


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Save time with campaign-level associations

Microsoft Advertising is rolling out our campaign-level associations capability, to help you apply and manage audience associations. Get ready to save time and apply your audience targeting more quickly!

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Custom Audiences: Target customers with your own data

Custom Audiences helps you anticipate your customers’ needs and reach them with the right message using your own first-party data. This powerful audience targeting feature can help you improve campaign performance and increase your return on ad spend.

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Make better business decisions based on time of ad clicks

Conversion reporting is being updated to be based on the time of the click instead of the time of the conversion. This will help improve decisions and actions based on the reporting times of conversions, such as bid modifiers and ad scheduling.

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Keep conversion tracking working across all browsers

Given Apple’s recent changes to how Safari handles third party cookies, all advertisers using conversion tracking need to take immediate mitigation steps in order to accurately and fully track their conversions.

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Find the ideal audience with In-market Audiences

Finding and attracting the ideal audience can be challenging and time-consuming for many advertisers. In-market Audiences can help you to quickly reach consumers who are ready to buy. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft is able to predict and identify people who’ve shown purchase intent signals within certain categories.

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