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The Art and Science of Bing Ads Intelligence webcast Q&A

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Today some of the questions you asked during The Art and Science of Bing Ads Intelligence webcast are being answered. This webcast (now available on-demand) explores how this Excel plug-in enables you to easily gauge the performance of relevant keywords on the Bing Network, and then apply those insights to improve your keyword selection and campaign performance.

Q: Where does the query data come from?
A: Stefanie Bounds – All data in Bing Ads Intelligence comes directly from the Bing Network.

Q: Do I need an active Bing Ads account to use Bing Ads Intelligence?
A: Stefanie Bounds – No. An active account is only necessary for certain functions. For most functions, a test account will work.

Q: Is there a way to see the actual search terms?
A: Stefanie Bounds – Yes! Look in the More Research tab - and you can get a list of keyword suggestions based on what people are typing.

Q: Can you supply URLs that are not part of your own Bing Ads campaigns?
A: Melissa Mackey – Bing Ads Intelligence works with any URL, not just those in your Bing Ads campaigns.

Q: What version of Excel can Bing Ads Intelligence be used with?
A: Stefanie Bounds – It is available for versions of Excel 2007 or newer.

Q: Is Bing Ads Intelligence available for Mac?
A: Stefanie Bounds – No, Bing Ads Intelligence is currently not available for Mac users.

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