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Noble RV

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Auto retailer Noble RV hits a bullseye with Bing Ads targeting features

Noble RV on the road to success

In 2006, brothers Pat and Mike Noble founded Noble RV in Minnesota, bringing their dream of working together to life. “We love this industry,” says Pat Noble, co-owner of Noble RV. “It gives people a chance to get out into nature.” Mike Noble, president of Noble RV, agrees. “It’s meaningful for us to help families spend quality time together, away from the chaos of daily life.”

Working with [Team Velocity and Level 5] was exactly what we needed. They delivered effective solutions and were responsive to our needs.

Pat Noble, co-owner, Noble RV

Unexpected roadblocks

There were many roadblocks, but the biggest was they had no digital presence. This made connecting with their target audience extremely difficult. “Reaching older adults who camp was a big challenge for us,” Mike Noble says. Pat Noble explains, “The customers we have always get the ‘Noble Experience,’ which makes them feel that buying from us is worth every cent. That’s our competitive advantage, but we just weren’t reaching enough people.” Without connecting with their audience online, the road forward seemed full of potholes. They realized they needed a new marketing strategy.

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Taking the wheel and changing course

To help evolve their strategy, they collaborated with Team Velocity and Level 5, a Bing Elite Partner. “Working with them was exactly what we needed. They delivered effective solutions and were responsive to our needs,” Pat Noble enthuses. “The game-changer was introducing us to Bing Ads. It sounded too good to ignore.” The brothers started advertising with Bing Ads in 2015, initially taking advantage of the audience targeting features, including age targeting and location targeting.

Location targeting gave us such specific information that it led us to open a new dealership.

Pat Noble, co-owner, Noble RV

The fast lane to great results

Noble RV datatable

Noble RV datatable

“Right out of the gate, we were blown away that audience targeting zoomed in on the exact customers we were looking for,” Pat Noble says. “We were also able to tie sales data to the targeting and reach more interactive, qualified searchers.” They identified search trends that helped them tailor their inventory to what their customers search for. “Bing Ads also helps us cater to audiences by location,” Mike Noble says. The results included some big surprises. “Bing Ads helped us discover a whole new audience of upwardly mobile millennials,” Pat Noble says. “And location targeting gave us such specific information that it led us to open a new dealership.” Bing Ads consistently feeds the sales team with quality leads. “It also gives us a low cost per lead and a higher conversion rate than other forms of digital, like Google AdWords,” Pat Noble says.

“With Bing Ads, we’ve gone from selling hundreds to thousands of RVs,” Mike Noble adds. “Now we look to Bing Ads first, and we’ve increased our digital advertising budget by 80%.” The company is growing year over year and has expanded by 25% since it started using Bing Ads. These results are making it possible for the brothers do something they only hoped for. ““Bing Ads is helping us grow our business, so we can pass it down to generations of our family,” Mike Noble concludes. “That’s more meaningful than I can tell you.”

Targeting smart growth through paid search

Auto retailer Noble RV uses Bing Ads age and location targeting to achieve 25% growth.

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