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How increased ROAS 865% with Microsoft Advertising

March 2024

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The goal

​​From powders, blushes, bronzers, and beyond, is known as the go-to drugstore for popular cosmetics and accessories created by brands in Poland and around the world. The drugstore industry is very demanding—intense competition, both from Polish and foreign stores, makes it worth fighting for every customer.

​That’s why decided to work with Sempai, a digital marketing agency that manages over 850 accounts in Google Ads, running high‑performance campaigns, mainly for clients from the highly competitive e‑commerce segment. The goal was to leverage a new channel for gaining traffic and sales—Microsoft Advertising—to reach new customers, gain traffic, increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and raise sales.​

The solution

​​On April 1, 2023, launched new full-funnel campaigns leveraging Microsoft Advertising.

​The team focused on implementing conversion tracking and verifying its accuracy, shopping campaigns based on a full funnel (each campaign responsible for different phrases: general, long-tail or the lowest quality‑appropriate rates for each group), dynamic remarketing, selected search campaigns, and successively excluding irrelevant search terms.​

Microsoft Advertising is a new source of traffic and conversions for, and we are extremely pleased with the results. We will continue using the Microsoft Advertising platform because of the potential we have already seen with our initial campaigns.

— Mariusz Walaszczyk, CEO at

The results

​​With Microsoft Advertising achieved incredible success.

​In just four months, ROAS increased from 188% in April 2023 to 865% at the end of August 2023. Additionally, saw a 2.5% increase in client revenues.​

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