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How ixigo generated a remarkable 44% total conversions with Microsoft’s Dynamic Search Ads

April 2024

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Person holding a phone while traveling on a train.

​​The goal​

​​India has the world’s fourth‑largest railway network, covering over 67,000 km of track and more than 7,000 stations.

​Online travel startup ixigo has made its mission to simplify the process of booking train tickets and provide a smooth and hassle‑free experience for travelers.

​To stay ahead of the competition and grow its customer base, ixigo partnered with Microsoft Advertising and InMobi to scale up its Search Ads campaign.​

​​The solution​

​​Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) was a key solution for ixigo’s search campaign, as the brand faced the challenge of having millions of possible combinations of search terms related to railway travel.

​Since Search is a key channel for capturing customer intent, ixigo ran targeted campaigns on Bing to capture high-intent users who are likely to complete their booking. This campaign showcased the effectiveness of Dynamic Search Ads, helping ixigo and its customers reach their goals.​

Our collaboration with Microsoft Advertising and InMobi exceeded expectations. We were amazed by the high volume of Bing's high‑intent users seeking travel options. DSAs efficiently leveraged this, helped us scale up, and delivered remarkable results.

— Manan Bajoria, VP - Growth Marketing at ixigo

​​The results​

​​The Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) campaign exceeded ixigo’s expectations. The team achieved a phenomenal 32x return on ad spend (RoAS). Plus, ixigo’s DSAs outperformed Standard Search Ads in the train bookings category, improving RoAS by 10% and reducing Cost Per Clicks (CPCs) by 8%. ixigo’s DSAs also generated almost half—44%—of the campaign’s total conversions, while saving 8% on Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

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