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How the Microsoft + Roku collaboration will elevate your ad campaigns by connecting the dots between TV streaming, search, and audience ads.

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A man sitting next to a window works on a tablet.


Trivago finds high value in Japan’s audiences

Learn how trivago was one of the first advertisers to run search and native campaigns targeting Microsoft Advertising’s high-quality audience in Japan.

October 2022

A young smiling woman in an office background.


Gemstone brand Angara spikes conversion rate

Angara: A popular gemstone brand spikes conversion rate by 37x and achieves a phenomenal growth with Microsoft Advertising.

August 2022

Image of a young woman, standing up, uses a touchscreen pen to take notes on the screen of her folded laptop.


Trygg Hansa partners with Azerion to lower CPA

A combination of native advertising and intent data enabled the Swedish insurance brand to boost impressions by more than 12x and transform ROAS.

July 2022

A woman sitting in the back of a car talks on her cell phone.


Nissan sees CTR climb with Multimedia Ads campaign

Auto manufacturers know the value of innovating. Learn how Nissan tried a new approach to transform the experience of potential customers.

July 2022

Two children sitting outside look at a tablet.


Back-to-school online trends for 2022

Be ready for increased volumes in Retail and Tech, and discover several key takeaways for search when looking at YoY back-to- school trends.

July 2022

Two people stand inside an apartment in front of a glass door and look at a tablet together.


Purplebricks innovates strategy to reach 500% ROAS

Microsoft Advertising helped Purplebricks embrace innovative ad formats to achieve a prime location in the real estate experience.

July 2022

A doctor shows a patient results on a tablet.


Unique strategy helps health insurance company lower CPA

Learn how Microsoft Advertising enabled Aditya Birla Health Insurance to drive customer acquisition at competitive costs.

July 2022

A woman smiles as she looks at the laptop computer.


Looka builds brand awareness with Multimedia Ads

Learn how branding and logo company, Looka, was able to reach more people while building brand awareness with Microsoft Advertising.

June 2022

Image of a girl standing in the middle of a room filled with lamps and lights while holding a tablet and smiling.

Article triples conversion rate with Audience Ads

Explore how this home and living platform was able to boost conversions with a combination of Audience Ads in the Microsoft Audience Network.

June 2022

A woman leans her head on a young girl’s while they sit on a couch and read a children’s book.


Casa del Libro rewrites its advertising strategy

Learn how Casa del Libro’s pioneering use of the Microsoft Audience Network in Spain allowed them to boost transaction volume and cut CPA.

June 2022