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Powering up your new device launch paid search campaigns

August 2015

With $10.9 billion in U.S. digital ad spending related to new devices, advertisers need a head start to stand out and stay competitive in the marketplace. September and the holidays are prime time for paid search campaigns related to the smartphones, tablets, and wearables that will heat up the fall and holidays, and the accessories that go with them.

eMarketer estimates that 9 in 10 smartphone owners use search. What’s more, Bing Ads has found that smartphone owners often turn to their phones when searching for their next smartphone, tablet, wearable, or mobile accessory. For new device-related searches across Bing Ads, mobile search volume is on par with or higher than PC and tablet search volume. It’s critical that your new device campaigns are mobile optimized and landing pages are mobile ready to reach and retain this agile audience.

Searches for new devices peak around the holidays, as well as around big product announcements. For example, wearables traffic peaks around the holidays and New Year’s as people focus on their health and wellness goals. In addition, smartphone and tablet-related searches spike with Apple’s September product announcement. It’s important for advertisers to have their campaigns tailored and budgets ready for the surge in searches that accompany these events.

Are you ready to reach more consumers as they search for their next device or mobile accessory? Then view our presentation above or download it to learn more to help you power up your new device campaigns. For other tips and trends, check out our featured industry and seasonal insights on the Bing Ads blog.

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