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JumpFly : Making it rain in the Windy City

July 2016

Client size doesn’t matter

Imagine you own a mom-and-pop plumbing business or maybe a midsize e-commerce company. You’ve heard about paid search and know you should be seizing the opportunity, but you don’t know where to begin. No matter what your circumstance or skill level may be, JumpFly has you covered. “We try to help our customers figure out what they need to do on their website to close more deals, get more or achieve whatever else they need,” says Nikki Kuhlman, senior account manager at JumpFly.

Based out of Chicago, the paid search management company employs 24 people working with a lineup of close to 400 small and medium-sized clients, with the occasional large account thrown in for good measure. Kuhlman, with close to 15 years of experience working in paid search, is one of the company’s senior experts.

JumpFly has a deeply engrained paid search story to tell. The company’s co-founders were involved in the very birth of pay-per-click marketing (PPC). Working with the inventors of today's PPC model,, they advertised their first company. That early exposure hooked them to PPC. A few years later, they opened one of the first, if not the first, qualified PPC management agencies. In 2003, that business took its current name, JumpFly.

Since then, the company has received a laundry list of acknowledgements, including independent search vendor authority TopSEO’s "Best PPC Management Company" and independent review site Clutch’s "Top PPC Consultants." By concentrating solely on paid search, Kuhlman feels the company offers a powerful advantage over the competition. “Many companies do a lot for their clients, such as web design, search engine optimization and landing page development, so PPC is not their main focus,” Kuhlman says. “Of our 24 employees, 20 are paid search specialists, so we understand the paid search market inside and out.”

Custom technology

While experience counts for a huge amount of JumpFly’s mojo, the company has also developed proprietary software designed to help optimize client accounts. JumpFly’s Client Center alerts people to changes in client data — both good and bad — which helps its specialists hone in on what to improve and where.

A third advantage the company has is that it focuses on PPC management as a whole, and not any particular industry or minimum company size. “We can help just about any client that comes to us,” Kuhlman says. She and her team personally handle account management for about 80 clients with Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini and Facebook advertising. She also runs the feed management department, offering feed management to existing clients on an as-needed basis to help improve their shopping campaigns.

Bing brings an edge

While JumpFly’s recipe for success varies from client to client, certain general rules do not. For Kuhlman, one such rule involves using Bing Ads with her accounts. “Bing has so much value that we can introduce to our clients,” she says.

Kuhlman breaks down that value into two levels: the strength of the platform and the people behind the curtain. Most customers who use Bing Ads tend to point to the cost value. Kuhlman definitely sees that as well. “The cost per acquisition is lower and the order value is usually higher, so my customers get more bang for their buck,” she explains. “With our e-commerce clients, the order value is almost always higher.”

Dollars and cents aside, Kuhlman and JumpFly also feel that there’s an immeasurable value at Bing Ads that oftentimes goes unrecognized. “One of the key things about Bing that makes it different from the other players in the industry is that the people are responsive,” Kuhlman says. “They really listen to what their customers want and try to give them that. They want to make a difference.” 

So where does JumpFly see paid search advertising going from here? Kuhlman thinks paid search will continue to change at an incredibly fast pace. “That’s one of the reasons why we only do paid search,” she points out. Kuhlman feels JumpFly can continue to be a leader in the field not just because of its savvy, but because of its people. “Our people are the heart and soul of our business. We’re a tight-knit team with a passion for PPC and a commitment to treat each other and our clients like family.”