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Webcast hosted by ON24

Re:search with Bing - The Revolution of 5G

Get ready for 5G: What consumers are looking for, the opportunities, and how to prepare.

June 2019

White paper

2019 Voice Report

From answers to actions: customer adoption of voice technology and digital assistants in 2019.

April 2019


Modern Marketing is Accessible Marketing

There are 1 billion people in the world living with a disability and some only use a screen reader. Not considering people living with disabilities in your digital media is like turning away 1 in 5 people.

March 2019


Help searchers find your travel business

New research can help you gain more travel customers by engaging with searchers at every step of their decision journey.

February 2019


The new consumer is the new frontier

A new consumer is emerging, with new expectations about how they want to shop, buy and even experience the world.

January 2019

Kid leaning out of a car window in awe

White paper

Discover how to reach online auto insurance buyers

Rely on Bing Ads and Luth Research to find influential online auto insurance touch points to inspire your customers to take action.

November 2018


Learn customer touch points in home buying

Bing Ads and Luth Research help you understand the influential online home purchase touch points that inspire your customers to take action.

November 2018


Future of connectivity: Rise of TV streaming

Today, as the television industry struggles for its existence, streaming seems to be taking over more and more of the entertainment market.

October 2018

White paper

Marketing in the era of digital assistants

Learn how brands should adjust their strategy as digital assistants increase in adoption, capabilities and usefulness to consumers.

October 2018


Paid search and Microsoft Audience Ads

You want more volume. Extending your search campaigns with Microsoft Audience Ads can help you reach audiences beyond search and get more clicks and conversions.

September 2018