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Two people in an office work with a laptop.

White paper

The Future of Digital

Learn more about the shifts in global digital ecosystems today and how The Future Laboratory and Microsoft developed research to pinpoint what’s next for the digital landscape.

March 2023

A man sits on a train and uses his cellphone. His bags are next to him on an empty seat.


Get ahead of competitors with key Travel trends

Learn about Americans planning to spend more money on international travel, and why now is the perfect time to get ahead of competitors.

June 2022

A man wearing earbuds looks away from the camera and slightly smiles while getting out of a car.


The quest for electrified vehicles

Get ahead of the shift and leverage consumer interest in electrified vehicles to promote your electric lineup in less conventional forums.

May 2022

A group of three men sit in a meeting room and talk to each other while using their laptops.


A closer look at crypto investors

As debate continues about long-term viability of crypto investing, the short-term market is vibrant. Learn how to target the new crypto investor.

May 2022

A delivery man hands a box to a woman outside her door.

White paper

New study: The Workday Consumer Has Logged In

Microsoft Advertising wanted to know how the consumer journey had shifted. Learn about the results of the study and how to adapt to the new trends.

April 2022

dentsu and Microsoft present: The Rise of Sustainable Media.


The Rise of Sustainable Media - Read the global study in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian or Spanish

A new global study from Microsoft Advertising and dentsu international examines consumer behaviors linked to sustainable consumption and media.

March 2022

A woman and a man wearing safety hats converse while she points at the screen of a laptop.


2022 spring refresh: Home & Construction

Prepare your search campaigns with these Home & Construction trends that show significant growth in clicks and searches.

March 2022

A woman smiles while looking away from the camera.


Adapting to new emerging consumer behaviors

Learn about how the blending of work and life has brought about new consumer attitudes and expectations of brands.

January 2022

In a living room, a woman sits on the floor holding a piece of paper in one hand while typing on a PC with the other hand.


Women in investing insights

Advertising for investing is an opportunity to educate and empower women. Currently, women's investment search volume is outpacing men's.

December 2021

An Asian man in a white lab coat sits at a table in an office, typing on a Microsoft Surface laptop PC.


Changing search behaviors in Health & Wellness

Coronavirus-related searches were the biggest trend in search history, and consumers are relying on search as a source of health information.

December 2021