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White paper

Dispelling 3 Myths of Modern Marketing

Smarter Customer Journeys Start with More Data and Fewer Myths

June 2019

White paper

2019 Voice Report

From answers to actions: customer adoption of voice technology and digital assistants in 2019.

April 2019

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White paper

Discover how to reach online auto insurance buyers

Rely on Bing Ads and Luth Research to find influential online auto insurance touch points to inspire your customers to take action.

November 2018

White paper

Marketing in the era of digital assistants

Learn how brands should adjust their strategy as digital assistants increase in adoption, capabilities and usefulness to consumers.

October 2018

White paper

Differentiating your brand with EQ

Intelligent agents are here to stay. Find out how brands can create emotionally engaging experiences to deepen their customer relationships.

September 2018

White paper

Emerging digital consumers and finance

Is your financial services company ready for the emerging digital consumer? With BingAds and Accenture be at the top of your game.

July 2018

White paper

New retail purchase path

This white paper highlights strategies that brands must adopt to better engage their customers along the purchase path.

June 2018

White paper

2018 travel trends for advertisers

Consumers are doing more of their travel research online. Check out Bing Ads travel insights and important travel industry statistics to reach consumers online.

March 2018

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White paper

The Next Revolution of Search

Bing, in partnership with Econsultancy, is excited to bring you The Next Revolution of Search: How automation, AI and a narrowing window for advertising will remake marketing.

January 2018

Woman looking at wooden blocks in the shape of a Christmas tree and a star.

White paper

How to increase your online to offline sales

How paid search drives in-store purchases during the Holidays and beyond.

November 2017