Running a small business itself is a hard job. You know everything about the things you’re selling and understand the value of your business, but it’s also important for your potential customers to know why your products are great. Even if you’re doing all the right things with your business, having a good consumer base is key. Without customers, there’s no one to share your product with.

Managing a small business while finding ways to advertise for it can be difficult. Thankfully, an organized online advertising campaign can help you manage your advertising goals through a few simple steps. Advertising online is the best way to spread the word about your company, especially if your business is new. By using proper advertising tools along with an established agenda, you can form a complete advertising plan that allows you to market your brand with ease. Read on to learn more about creating an online advertising plan for your small business.

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What's an online advertising campaign?


To put it into simple terms, an online advertising campaign is a digital advertising plan that you create for your business. How you want to go about with your advertising plan is up to you. Some things that can go in your online advertising campaign include budgets, goals, and timelines for your plans. While running an advertising campaign may seem technical, you don’t need years of professional marketing experience to do it. Download the Digital advertising guide for small businesses from Microsoft Advertising to learn the basics of advertising for your business.

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Traditional advertising vs. online advertising


Traditional advertising is any advertisement that isn’t online. Commercials on TV, newspaper ads, billboards, and phone ads are some common examples of traditional advertising. While traditional advertisements work to catch people’s attention, there are many ways in which online advertisements are better for reaching your target audiences. Traditional advertising methods are often more expensive to run than online advertisements, and it’s more difficult to track how often people engage with traditional advertisements. Additionally, traditional advertisements cannot reach people the same way online advertisements do. Despite their differences, the two methods can successfully work together for a campaign.

Why is it useful to have an online advertising campaign?


When it comes to targeting people with online advertising, the sky is truly the limit. Online advertising gives you much more control to target the right people and enables you to engage with your potential customers. It's also convenient to use online advertising techniques if you’re looking to expand your reach to global audiences. Your ads can reach millions of customers overseas and generate interest worldwide. Plus, online advertisements help businesses grow over time, are cost-effective, and can be managed easily. You can track how often people are engaging with your advertisements and make any quick fixes with your phone or laptop. Learn about more benefits of going digital with online advertising solutions from Microsoft Advertising.

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How to set up an online advertising campaign for your small business


There’s no right or wrong way to set up an online advertising campaign, but there are a few beginning steps that may be helpful to take. Use the steps below to help kickstart your campaign, and refer to the help center for creating campaigns to find additional tips.

  • Step one: Identify campaign goals

    The first thing you should establish when setting up your campaign is a list of goals. Some goals you can focus on are to get more customers, spread the word about your business, or increase revenue. Knowing what your campaign’s objectives are will determine why you’re running your campaign. If you need inspiration on what to base your campaign off of, you can find more advertising goals and solutions from Microsoft Advertising.
  • Step two: Set up a budget

    Your ideas can only go as far as how much you’re willing to pay. Creating a budget for your campaign will help you know what you can afford. You can use the automated billing tool to help maximize your spending while focusing on your campaign goals.
  • Step three: Establish your target audience

    Finding the right audiences to target will help you draw the right people to your small business. When targeting audiences, it’s important to know your current customer base and who’s most likely to interact with your ads. To make it easier to target audiences, use Microsoft Advertising’s audience targeting tools to connect with customers the way you want to.
  • Step four: Finding the right platforms for your ads

    The internet is a big place, and there are many platforms for you to present your ads on. Popular platforms for online advertisements include social media platforms, websites, and search engines. You can also take a look at the Microsoft Audience Network to find unique audiences on traffic-heavy websites.

Start an online advertising campaign for your small business with Microsoft Advertising

Running a good, organized online campaign will allow you to focus on your small business needs and help your company grow. You can learn more about maintaining the advertising side of your business with Microsoft Advertising for small businesses.

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