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Aurea Astro

Program Manager, Microsoft Advertising Platform

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Comic Relief: 10 Minutes to More Exposure

When I first set up my campaign, I bid only on “Exact Match” for my keywords, as I assumed anyone searching for these exact keywords would be the most likely to purchase my product. While this approach proved satisfying for a while, and provided...

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Bing Ads October Release Summary: Investments in Scale, Simplicity, and Tracking

Welcome to the final stretch of 2014! In case you missed it, here is a summary of features we raced the Holiday shopping rush to release for you in October, and what’s left on the horizon before the New Year. Enhanced Sitelinks US | Available...

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Bing Ads March Release Summary: Top 6 Improvements in Usability, Speed and More

2014 is on a roll, thanks to your continued feedback and participation in customizing the tools. We’ve been very much focused on improving user experience by shortening workflows and expanding performance insight. Our goal is to ensure you get...

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Dear Dare - Ask Us Your Most Challenging Questions on LinkedIn

For those who like to think about the future of online advertising we’re launching a new initiative in our Bing Ads LinkedIn group very soon: Dear Dare. Dear Dare is an opportunity to ask your most challenging questions about the future of...

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Bing Ads January Release Summary

Here's what happened in January. Sitelink Extensions Available in More Markets Sitelinks are newly available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia. For details and an overview of this popular feature's global growth since their launch,...

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