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Niche search engine marketing firm focuses on the Bing Network

August 2014


With so many vehicles to reach potential customers online — and so much diversity in how consumers spend their time on the web — TopSide Media knows it has to deliver value to clients if it wants repeat business.


TopSide Media used training resources from the Bing Ads Accredited Professional program to gain knowledge and expertise that helps its firm stand out. Gary Walker, president of TopSide, turns to the Bing Network to help his clients tap into a distinct audience at a lower cost than other traffic sources.


Walker says his team has learned valuable best practices, gleaned from the experiences of other advertisers in various industries, and discovered how to test settings and traffic allocations to drive conversions via the Bing Ads Accredited Professional program. Says Walker, “In a crowded business environment, demonstrable results speak louder than anything else.” Walker also cites the Bing Network as being among the top sources of traffic to his clients’ sites.

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