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Sky Store headed for big screen success

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Learn how this movie rental start-up became market leaders

Instant start-up success

Sky Store

Sky Store

It’s been a whirlwind three years for Sky Store. Launched in December 2013, this offshoot of the main Sky brand, has seen rapid growth over its first 36 months. Each year the team has doubled in size, working at an extremely fast pace to become an award-winning market leader in the online movie rental space.

“When I first came on board in December 2013, there were just five people working on Sky Store, now we’re a team of 20,” explains Kim Cutler, digital marketing manager, Sky Store.

“We’ve had huge opportunity to create this product from scratch. Sky Store benefits from the freedom and flexibility of being a start-up. The result of this is we’ve been able to build up something that has been market changing and disruptive.”
The ROI and conversion rates we see from Bing Ads are amazing. Bing Ads is really important to us!

— Kim Cutler, digital marketing manager, Sky Store

The big picture

Sky Store

Sky Store and iProspect

Sky Store’s unique selling point is the fact that it is the only service where customers can get movies and box sets straight to their TV, on their mobile device, tablet or laptop, and a DVD copy through the post.

“This three-pronged proposition is something that nobody else in the market is offering,” Cutler observes. “The convenience of not having to leave your sofa to watch a movie or box set, the flexibility of being able to watch on the move and added value of getting the DVD delivered to your door gives us a differentiator.”

This is the major draw for both existing Sky TV customers — who make up Sky Store’s primary audience — and non-customers.

Sky-high results with Bing Ads

Data provided by Sky Store

Data provided by Sky Store

Paid search is integral to Cutler’s digital strategy, and she’s quick to highlight its many benefits. “It allows us to be front-of-mind for the customers who are searching for the latest movie and box set releases.’’

Sky Store and iProspect continuously see impressive click-through rates and cost-per-click (CPC) values on Bing. Although Bing may have a smaller search volume than other search engines – accounting for 6% of Sky Store’s total clicks —– it comes at a significantly lower cost, or 14% smaller CPC. At the same time, Bing delivers 13% of Sky Store’s paid search sales and 12% of their paid search revenue.

Cutler is delighted with the numbers she sees from Bing Ads, which delivers a 160% higher return on investment (ROI) and a 77% higher conversion rate for movie purchases and rentals combined when compared with other leading search platforms. “The ROI and conversion rates we see from Bing Ads are amazing. Bing Ads is really important to us!”

The results have enabled Sky Store to increase its Bing Ads spend, with quarter-on-quarter investment growing by 79%  over the past three months. What’s more, as Bing’s market share continues to grow from its current 20%  in the UK and 30% in the U.S., so will Sky Store’s spend with Bing Ads — making it a stand-out search platform in its own right.

Bing Ads ad extensions allow us to display the full package of services and communicate all of the benefits to our customers.

— Kim Cutler, digital marketing manager, Sky Store

Gaining a competitive edge

Amidst a highly competitive landscape, the team makes full use of Bing Ads features to give itself an edge. One standout feature is Image Extensions, which Sky Store uses with its logo to give it legitimacy and increased brand recognition. Another standout is App Extensions, which is useful for helping the team to reach download targets.

“At the moment we’re doing loads of app promotions on Sky Store iOS and Android because we’ve got a big download target to hit. We use Bing Ads to drive downloads to these apps. Bing Ads ad extensions allow us to display the full package of services and communicate all of the benefits to our customers. We have more space to do so.”

Cutler’s digital team also uses Sitelink Extensions to promote the big new releases. “Each week, we add new releases to those Sitelink Extensions, giving customers direct access to the content they’re looking for. This drives them deeper into the site and shortens the customer journey.”

Looking to the future, Cutler highlights how a significant increase in the use of voice search could work in favour of Bing Ads since Bing drives the majority of voice searches via mobile. “I see this as a big opportunity and something that could set Bing apart from the rest.”

With 28 million unique searchers in the UK alone, and a user base that spends 24% more than the average internet searcher, isn’t it time you invested in Bing?

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