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Jobrapido goes global with Bing Ads

June 2018

From small startup to global company

Market growth, brand awareness, subscriber expansion — when it comes to paid search, there are some metrics for success that never get lost in translation. That has certainly been the case for Jobrapido, an Italy-based job site whose ambitious plans to expand globally have been aided by a Bing Ads strategy aimed at helping the company cross borders.

Employing the tagline "We take the work out of looking for work," Jobrapido began as a typical startup, born in a garage but with aspirations to go global. Investing in Bing Ads, the company has since become a market leader in the sector. Today, Jobrapido has over 70 million subscribers in 58 countries and is making significant inroads in the United States.

Translating its success, Jobrapido continues to cross borders

Jobrapido hopes that further global expansion can mimic its success in the U.S., where 22% of its traffic comes directly from the Bing Network. Recognising the value of the Bing Network, Jobrapido will be using similar strategies to expand far beyond its native Italy to include the United Kingdom, Germany and other major markets. Because no matter what language a company may speak, success can be translated worldwide.

Download the infographic to take Jobrapido’s success story with you.