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Searching for greener grass with paid search

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TaskEasy masters the job of online advertising

Taking odd jobs online

Ken Davis, founder and CEO of TaskEasy

Ken Davis, founder and CEO of TaskEasy

Almost everyone with a lawn loves it — until they have to mow it, that is. Then that green, soft stretch of lush nature becomes an albatross. It burdens us when we do mow it and makes us feel guilty when we don’t. The neighbors scoff if it gets too long. The homeowner’s association creates standards for appearances. Granted, when we finally complete the monotonous task, we proudly get to take stock of how nice it looks, for a few seconds anyway, until we sigh at the prospect of having to do it all over again next week.


TaskEasy changes all of that. The online company ingeniously mixes modern technology with age-old tasks, such as mowing lawns and clearing snow. With the simple click of a button, TaskEasy assigns a nearby vetted contractor to take over your tiresome yard tasks. In addition to mowing and snow clearing, TaskEasy also handles edging, sprinkler adjustments, shrub and tree trimming, mulching, fertilization and aeration. “We’re like the FedEx of lawn care,” explains Ken Davis, founder and CEO of TaskEasy. “You don't have to bid on work. You don’t think about how it gets done. You just give us the task and we make the magic occur.”

Bing Ads is so much more targeted and provides better performance than most of our other campaigns.

— Montana Marsden, Online Marketing Manager, TaskEasy

Location, location, location

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TaskEasy -

“Magic” feels like an appropriate word here. Why? Because you can monitor the work done from anywhere in the world using the company’s smartphone app and satellite imagery. For property owners with rental units, employees on the road for extended periods of time, or people who just hate yardwork, TaskEasy becomes a reliable, stress-free way to get a job done well. “Success for us is helping customers pay a little less to get a little more quality of service that’s more predictable than they’ve ever had before,” Davis shares.

In most cases, the contractors take photos onsite to make sure they’re at the right location and to show they’ve completed each task on their checklist, which the company sends them on their smartphones for each site. “We use great technology that holds contractors accountable for the work they perform,” Davis points out. A lot of the company’s technology actually goes toward recruiting them. “We have to vet, screen and qualify them,” Davis continues. “Then we get them trained on our platform so they know how to use it.”

When done with their work, the contractors receive a customer rating based on a scoring algorithm. The current overall rating rests at 4.6 stars out of a potential five. “That’s very high in the services world if you pay attention to such things,” Davis says. “It shows we stand by and guarantee the quality of the work.”

Bing mows down the competition

Bing Ads pay-per-click percentage uniquely exceeds the total percentage of its PPC impressions for TaskEasy.

Bing Ads performance (results provided to Bing by TaskEasy)

TaskEasy thrives as a supply and demand business. A demand comes in for service and Davis supplies the job by recruiting a contractor. If a demand comes in for a location where TaskEasy doesn’t have coverage, Davis finds coverage and then supplies it. Regional pricing based on algorithms keeps him in line with neighborhood prices, giving Davis the ability to take his business wherever he wants. “One of the reasons why we've been able to be so prolific in our advertising on Bing is because we can literally advertise to nearly every city in the entire United States before we even have a contractor,” Davis says.

Since the beginning, Davis has depended on paid search advertising as a crucial component to getting the word out about his company’s services. In the past, the company used an agency for marketing help with paid search advertising and search engine optimization (SEO). That’s how the company got introduced to Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Now, however, the company handles everything in-house.
Retargeting lets us increase bids for customers who have already been to our site and are much more likely to convert at that point.

— Montana Marsden, Online Marketing Manager, TaskEasy

Bing Ads delivers volume and lower cost

Montana Marsden, Online Marketing Manager, TaskEasy

Montana Marsden, Online Marketing
Manager, TaskEasy

Montana Marsden is the online marketing manager at TaskEasy. A main part of his job involves analyzing the performance of all of TaskEasy’s different pay-per-click (PPC) and digital marketing campaigns and coming up with new strategies for acquiring more customers. He loves the numbers he sees with Bing Ads. “For the volume we get with Bing Ads, we have a higher click-through rate and more conversions than with other advertising platforms ― all with a lower cost per click.” 
Bing Ads campaigns, on average, show a 38% higher click-through rate compared to the company’s Google AdWords campaigns. At the same time, the cost-per-click average is 14% lower with Bing Ads. Its cost per action (CPA) is 11% lower than Google AdWords. “Bing is so much more targeted and provides better performance than most of our other campaigns,” Marsden asserts. In fact, the Bing Ads pay-per-click percentage uniquely exceeds the total percentage of its PPC impressions. Currently, that results in Bing Ads represent close to 20% of the company’s PPC impressions and 24% of its clicks and conversions.
Marsden points out several Bing Ads tools he’s either excited about using or testing out. One of his go-to features is Review Extensions. “We’re a new company in somewhat of a new industry,” Marsden says. “People aren't necessarily familiar with us or trust us right off the bat. Real reviews from our customers displayed alongside our ads help us gain initial trust when people are searching for us or lawn care services online.”
Another tool that Marsden relies on is Sitelink Extensions. In most instances with property managers and general customers, Marsden uses the same keywords. “Sitelink Extensions can funnel the two different segments onto their respective landing pages,” Marsden points out. 
Remarketing in Paid Search helps Marsden because he finds that many customers don’t just go in and buy. “We’ve seen that a lot of times it takes between two and three ad clicks before someone converts,” Marsden says. “Retargeting lets us increase bids for customers who have already been to our site and are much more likely to convert at that point.”   
To save time, Marsden also imports Google AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads with the Bing Ads Google Import tool. “It’s a basic starting point instead of having to recreate all of them in Bing Ads,” Marsden reveals.
A final Bing Ads feature Marsden calls out is device targeting. Bing Ads can target individual device types, including tablets, making it a unique platform in that way. “We use bid modifiers by device, which helps us reduce our bids on mobile devices where our customers tend to research and increase our bids on desktops, knowing that’s where they normally buy. “
Looking ahead, Marsden really wants to take Bing Ads Editor for Mac (currently in beta) out for a test drive. “Until recently, Bing Ads Editor was only available for Windows,” Marsden says. “Going in and making modifications to keywords in that many campaigns definitely becomes time consuming. Being able to use Bing Ads Editor for Mac will help significantly with that.”
Marsden proves the point by sharing that TaskEasy currently has more than 100 campaigns running. The majority of them are structured similarly, but target different states. So instead of just setting up one campaign that targets the entire United States, Marsden uses 51 campaigns targeting 50 states and Washington D.C. Marsden finds that certain keyword variations perform better in certain areas of the country. For example, “lawn care” or “lawn mowing” work as keywords in California, whereas “yard services” or “grass cutting” work in the south.
If Marsden had any advice to give companies, it would be to not overlook the Bing Network. “Bing performs better and is becoming a big player,” Marsden says. “With our strategy, we're taking budget from other advertising platforms and allocating it to Bing Ads. A lot of companies would be surprised with our results.” 

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