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Get the biggest bang for your next marketing investment

September 2015

With channels, publishers and advertising choices multiplying on a daily basis, marketers have more ways to increase ROI than ever before. But how do you decide which option is best for your business?

To help you plan your strategy, Bing Ads teamed up with Kenshoo to explore the concept of “marginal ROI”: the predicted increase in revenue for the next dollar you spend. The analysis looks at how forecasting tools that separately track publishers such as Google and Bing can be used to determine the value of incremental spending. Since marketers who invest exclusively in a single search engine face greater competition and price pressure, the best option to raise ROI may be to invest with a different publisher. For the nine campaigns the study reviewed, over half saw greater ROI opportunity gains by investing their “next dollar” in Bing Ads.

To learn more about marginal ROI and how a portfolio of publishers can boost your overall program performance, download the full white paper “Maximizing Paid Search Potential by Measuring Marginal ROI.”

 Download the white paper