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Bing Ads talks bus-iness and integration with some more happy customers

May 2016

As Bing continues to redefine the global search landscape, customers — and their clients — are seizing new opportunities not available with other platforms. In the latest installment of On the Bus with Bing, MJ DePalma quickly learns that cross-platform integration and superior customer service are just two of the many Bing value propositions that have today’s online marketing execs abuzz with excitement.

MJ DePalma (Bing Ads): I’m curious, what are you excited about with some of things you’ve heard?

Clayton McLaughlin (Havas Media): It’s interesting to see Windows 10 and the improvements there, what’s going to end up happening. There’re only a couple companies in the world that could really figure the cross-device thing out, and you guys are positioned very, very well for that.

Mona Elesseily (Page Zero Media): I have been more than excited to hear about the roadmap and what you guys are working on in terms of integrating search with Windows 10 and into Cortana. So, I’m looking for a movie ticket, and allowing me to buy that movie ticket then and there — that is what excites me beyond belief these days.

Lisa Sanner (Point It): [Integrating search] through Office, through Skype, through Xbox and all the properties makes just a ton of sense. I think it’s going to be a big game changer for the search industry. People’s money follows performance, so if you see you’re able to optimize better and you’re able to get better CPAs, budgets are going to follow that.

Erin Sagin (WordStream): You are not thinking “Oh, I want to go to the browser and search through Bing.” It’s putting you right into Bing when you need it, and making it part of the activity you’re doing.

MJ DePalma: What kind of data are you seeing from the Bing Shopping Campaigns?

Mona Elesseily: We’re seeing sales, obviously, which is very good — like our e-commerce clients, it’s working very well for.

MJ DePalma: What’s your favorite part about working with Bing Ads?

Luke Alley (Avalaunch Media): Hands down the customer support.

Erin Sagin: We just love the support.

Mona Elesseily: The [Bing Ads] Editor for Mac, we’re all really excited about that, so thank you, Bing.

Erin Sagin: Personally, I think my favorite thing is the Bing parties!

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Luke Alley is dDirector of PPC at Avalaunch Media.
Mona Elesseily is VP of online marketing at Page Zero Media.
Clayton McLaughlin is VP of sSearch mMarketing at Havas Media.
Erin Sagin is PPC eEvangelist at WordStream.
Lisa Sanner is VP search marketing at Point It.