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Even if you have a brick-and-mortar store, you should also consider setting up a small business online store. Online retail allows you to reach customers near and far. Some online sales strategies can be applied directly to your business’s website, and you can use some sales strategies on other digital platforms as well. Learn how you can increase your customer base and online sales.

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Conduct keyword research


Before you start selling your small business’s goods or services online, you’ll need to know how consumers are searching for your products. Conducting keyword research can help you uncover the words and phrases people are searching online that are related to your business’s goods and services. There are keyword planner tools that can show you what terms people are using to search and approximately how many people search them each month. Once you know which keywords to use, implement them on your small business’s website.

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Write blog content using the keywords


There’s more than one way to use keywords on your small business’s website. Incorporate them on the homepage, product description pages, and your business’s “about” page. Writing online blog posts can also expand how much you use your targeted keywords on your business’s website. The more your website includes the keywords, the more its rank can increase when it appears on the search engine results page.

Publish blog content on your website that’s focused on topics related to your goods or services. If you own a carpet cleaning business, write blog posts that focus on relevant topics, such as “how to clean marker stains out of your carpet” or “how to extend your carpet’s lifespan.” Blog content helps leverage the benefits of your business’s goods or services.

Focus on customer service


Stellar customer service is one of the most important strategies your small business can use to increase its sales. A good customer service strategy doesn’t only include responding to complaints, but it should also include daily interaction. Respond to questions and comments left on your social media profiles. Add an FAQ section to your business’s website to answer some of the customer’s potential questions ahead of time. Create and manage more than one way for them to contact your small business because not everyone uses social media. Improving your customer service procedures will leave a positive, lasting impression on customers and encourage them to buy from your business again.

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