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Making it easier to adjust your budgets based on conversions

Making it easier to adjust your budgets based on conversions

We’re adding conversion data to your budget suggestions in the opportunities page, so you can make better decisions for your business. You can now view how different budget values could impact your conversion volumes.

Opportunity suggestions for your business

Each morning before many of us reach the office to work on our search campaigns, Bing Ads has generated millions of new, personalized suggestions to help you get more from your ad campaigns. You can view these suggestions at any time by visiting the Opportunity page of our Bing Ads website or learn more on our help site.

Advertisers who use our Universal Event Tracking (UET) Tag for conversion tracking on Bing Ads will now see conversion insights across their budget suggestions. Each campaign budget suggestion will now show the estimated impact to conversions, along with existing click, impression, and spend estimates. There is now a conversion landscape to see how different budget decisions might impact your conversion volumes.

Incorporating your conversion data into your campaign suggestions can make them more useful and relevant to your business goals. As such we have already released three new suggestions this year based on conversion data for remarketing, location, and time/day bid adjustments. And we are just getting started!

How to view your new budget suggestions

Visit the opportunity tab in the Bing Ads web experience and you should find a budget suggestion down the list. If you don’t see one it means you don’t have a meaningful budget opportunity that day, as all suggestions are refreshed daily.

view opportunities screenshot

When you click into the budget suggestion you’ll land on a simplified view by default. It shows click and conversion estimates for each campaign with a budget suggestion, along with the current and suggested budget amount.

simple versus advanced view screenshot

If you click on the advanced view, you get a few more pieces of information, such as estimated changes to spend and impressions, as well as your budget type. Within the Simple or Advanced View you can Apply, View or Dismiss the suggestions.

increase budgets new column screenshot

If you click the View option, you get to my favorite part of this feature, the conversion landscape. Here you can interact with the landscape to estimate the conversion impact of any budget amount for your campaign. Just select the radio button to view the default values or enter your own specific budget value. The estimated values at the top and the right of the page will automatically update based on your new budget value.

daily budget suggestions screenshot

What if you don’t have conversion tracking in Bing Ads?

We recommend all advertisers enable conversion tracking through Bing Ads to take full advantage of our platform offerings across the opportunity suggestions, automated rules, automated bidding, in-line reporting insights, and more. You can get started by creating a UET tag to add to your website and then creating a conversion goal. For those who are not yet using our conversion tracking offering, you can still get great budget suggestions based on the estimated click gains and spend impact.

If you try and use the conversion landscape without having conversion tracking setup, or don’t have enough data, you may encounter one of the below messages.

Conversion tracking not yet setup

conversion tracking not set up error

Not enough conversion data yet to produce estimates

conversion data not enough screenshot

Share your thoughts

Let us know how you like the new suggestion, and which suggestions you would like us to work on next. You can connect with us on Twitter or our Feature Suggestion Forum with any feedback, comments and ideas.