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Experience new growth possibilities with Microsoft Advertising today >

Microsoft Curate

Create curated deals to sell programmatically. Monetize your data and access unique demand to empower supply management teams with Microsoft Curate*.

Benefits of using Curate

Strategic control

Choose how to merchandise your proprietary data to capture new programmatic spending.

Scalable reach

Maximize your reach with our global marketplace and audience extension capabilities.

Operational efficiency

Experience a self-serve solution with the flexibility to run your business how you want.

Deal Library

Access and search thousands of data-layered curated deals to find real-time audiences across screens at scale, available via Invest and all major demand-side platforms (DSPs).

Curate by the numbers


Lower CPA1


Lower CPM1


Viewability rate1

Which tools can Curate help you with?


Forecast and price packages, and create a deal catalogue.



Create and manage curated deals, including 25 targeting functionalities and the ability to assign deals to multiple buyers on any DSP.

Seller roll-up deals

Allow sellers to create deals for specific curators and allow curators to troubleshoot supply and demand all in one place.


Identify opportunities for improved performance and scale, and manage margin at the deal level.

Reporting and insights

Easily visualize and report on curation activity, including reports on earnings broken down by buyers, sellers, or inventory.

Get started with Curate

Curate your inventory, sell programmatically, monetize data, and access unique demand.

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