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Microsoft Display and Native ads

Create enjoyable ad experiences right from the start.

Benefits of Microsoft Display and Native ads

Massive reach

Reach up to 1 billion customers 1 across massive consumer properties like Microsoft Start, Microsoft Edge, Outlook, Microsoft Casual Games, Microsoft 365, and more.

Engage the right audience

Engage a high-intent audience who is ready to take action, leveraging Microsoft’s unique data, powerful intent signals, and a full suite of targeting capabilities that’s only possible with Microsoft.

Achieve your marketing goals

Drive increased performance through strong ad relevancy powered by Microsoft data and AI.

Designed for ease of use

Easily access premium inventory from one of the largest marketplaces with direct and turnkey activation.

Maximize your ad impact

People exposed to Microsoft’s display and native ads are:


- 3x more likely to search for your brand terms

- 4x more likely to visit your website

- 6x more likely to convert

Display and Native ads by the numbers


Monthly readers1


Monthly unique visitors1


Consumer subscribers1


Minutes played1

How lululemon finds its flow with Microsoft Advertising

lululemon wanted to drive more customers to their site through online ad placements while maintaining a strong return on ad spend (ROAS) on all additional traffic.

Which tools will help you with Display and Native ads?

Audience targeting

Connect to the customers that matter most to you with Microsoft Advertising audience targeting tools.


See stronger engagement and returns by focusing your marketing on the customers most likely to convert.

Automated bidding

With ever-expanding keyword lists and targeting options, managing bids efficiently can be difficult and time-consuming. Automated bid strategies from Microsoft Advertising give you flexible, advanced tools to save you time and maximize your ad spend.


Conversion tracking

When you set up conversion tracking, you teach us what works best for you. Then our platform can match you to searchers across our network who are more relevant to your business. You can also use conversion tracking to access tools and insights to help you optimize your campaigns for greater impact.

Get started now with Display and Native ads


Create your campaign

Choose the appropriate goal for your campaign.


Add your creative assets

Import your images, headlines, descriptions, and URLs. Leverage Microsoft AI for recommendations to help improve your performance.


Choose your audience and targeting

Specify who you want to see your ads by location, age, gender, audience, company, industry, and job function.


Set your budgets and bids

Decide on a budget and bid strategy to achieve your performance goals.

And that’s it—you're ready to go live!

Start creating impactful Display and Native ads

Impact your audience with ad experiences that convert.

Frequently asked questions

Display and Native ads will be eligible to serve across massive consumer properties from Microsoft (including Microsoft Start, Microsoft Edge, Outlook, Bing, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Casual Games), as well as a range of high-quality publisher partners (including CBS Sports, USA Today, People, Food Network, The Weather Channel, and more). You can view all sites where your ads serve in reporting.

Input your headlines, descriptions, and images and Microsoft AI will responsively combine your assets to serve in the best performing combinations. You can also upload static image ads, and we accept a wide range of ad sizes that align with IAB industry standards.

We’re integrated with Integral Ad Science (IAS) to provide independent reports to verify ads are seen in viewable placements, by real people, and in brand safe environments. Advertisers working with IAS can receive reports on viewability, invalid traffic, brand safety and suitability directly from IAS.

[1] Microsoft Internal Data, October 2023. Results may vary for each advertiser based on campaign settings, targeted audiences, and other factors. Lift metrics represent an average of all advertisers with completed lift studies to date. These advertisers may be a non-representative sample of all advertisers on the marketplace. Lift measured between exposed users and a control group of eligible unexposed users, with lift represented on a per-user basis. Average user count per advertiser study = 1.6M. 1. Compared to users who were not exposed.