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Learning Lab


Learning Lab is your one-stop shop for all your Microsoft Advertising training needs. We offer seven Learning Paths with a range of topics spanning the digital advertising and Microsoft Advertising ecosystem.


There are also opportunities to showcase your Microsoft Advertising expertise via the certification program. Earn all four certifications and earn your Microsoft Advertising Certified Expert status and showcase your badge on LinkedIn.

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Uplevel your digital marketing skills

Explore the digital advertising ecosystem

Gain the latest fundamental knowledge of the industry.

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Expand your understanding of Microsoft Advertising solutions

Explore Learning Paths with essential training to get the most out of Microsoft Advertising.

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Earn badges to demonstrate your expertise

Showcase your proficiency in Microsoft Advertising by earning badges you can display on LinkedIn.

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Learning Paths

Deepen your understanding of Microsoft Advertising and open professional opportunities in digital marketing with seven learning paths and badges to showcase your expertise. Each path contains a series of courses created to enhance your skills in key areas.

Search Advertising Learning Path

Enhance your expertise and showcase your comprehension of the search advertising landscape, including the Microsoft Advertising Platform, its solutions, and the key principles of search advertising.

Search Advertising Learning Path badge on a green background with cloud, search and computer icons.

Display, Native, and Video Advertising Learning Path

Build your knowledge and demonstrate your understanding of the Display, Native, and Video Advertising ecosystem, including the Microsoft Advertising Platform, solutions, and best practices.

Display, Native and Video Learning Path badge on a purple background with display and play icons.

Retail Advertising Learning Path

Elevate your proficiency and demonstrate your understanding of retail marketing by becoming proficient with the Microsoft Advertising Platform. Learn its features and best practices for managing successful campaigns.

Retail Learning Path badge on an orange background with shopping cart and computer icons.

Retail Media Learning Path

Broaden your understanding of the commercial landscape and explore Microsoft's Retail Media offering. In today’s ever-evolving landscape, gaining insights into market dynamics, consumer behavior, and industry trends is crucial.

Retail Media Learning Path badge on a blue background with a telescope, notebook and computer icons.

Digital Advertising Fundamentals Learning Path

New to digital advertising? Need a quick refresh? Get started with the fundamentals. These courses introduce the digital marketing industry by starting with the foundations.

Certified Expert badge on a purple background with a monitor icon.

*Programmatic Advertising Learning Path

Explore the programmatic advertising marketplace and how you can use it to further your advertising goals whether you’re a buyer or a seller.

*Take each course on this Learning Path and earn your Programmatic Advertising badge to display on LinkedIn.

Programmatic Advertising badge

Generative AI and Automation Advertising Learning Path

Discover how artificial intelligence (AI) and automation can enhance your Microsoft Advertising campaigns. Learn the benefits and features of various AI powered tools and solutions that can help you meet and exceed your advertising goals.

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Coming soon

The Microsoft Advertising certification program is undergoing an exciting transformation. New certification opportunities will be available shortly. If you're already certified, rest assured that your credentials will remain valid throughout this short pause.

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