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Microsoft Shopping campaigns

Bring shoppers one step closer to making a purchase decision—even before they click—and include helpful details like average review ratings and special deals.

Benefits of Microsoft Shopping campaigns

Stand out from the crowd

Attract attention to your products with engaging ads including custom product images, pricing, store name, product ratings, and promotions.

Greater visibility and reach

Reach a large range of shoppers across mobile and desktop devices and serve your Product ads as one of the first results someone sees when they search for a product.

Better qualified shoppers

Provide key information about a product before a shopper clicks on the ad—like what the product looks like and how much it costs—to put them further down the purchasing funnel.

Key features for Shopping campaigns

Local Inventory ads

Offer even more value by bridging the gap between online searches and in-store purchases. Promote products available in stores to nearby customers.

Merchant promotions

Display special offers on specific products or site-wide sales within Product ads.

Dynamic remarketing

Show searchers ads with specific products based on the products they have looked at, considered, or already purchased on your website.

Which tools will help you with Shopping campaigns?

Audience targeting

Connect to the customers that matter most to you with Microsoft Advertising audience targeting tools.


See stronger engagement and returns by focusing your marketing on the customers most likely to convert.

Automated bidding

With ever-expanding keyword lists and targeting options, managing bids efficiently can be difficult and time-consuming. Automated bid strategies from Microsoft Advertising give you flexible, advanced tools to save you time and maximize your ad spend.


Conversion tracking

When you set up conversion tracking, you teach us what works best for you. Then our platform can match you to searchers across our network who are more relevant to your business. You can also use conversion tracking to access tools and insights to help you optimize your campaigns for greater impact.

Import tools

Save time and effort by easily importing your Google Ads shopping campaigns with the import tool.


Get started now with Shopping campaigns


Claim domain

You must claim your domain before you can build a Microsoft Merchant Center store. If you've already added a Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag to your domain for conversion tracking and remarketing, you can use that UET tag to validate your domain.


Create store

Next, you’ll need to create a Microsoft Merchant Center store, enter your store info and contact details.


Upload catalog

After you verify that you own your URL and your newly created store is approved, you create and upload your catalog feed.


Create Shopping campaign

You can use predictive targeting for both shopping audience and shopping search campaigns.

Start creating impactful retail experiences for shoppers

Bring shoppers one step closer to making a purchase decision—even before they click.

Frequently asked questions

If you want to showcase your products on the Microsoft Advertising Network, you first need to create a Microsoft Merchant Center store.

You can start by creating a feed to upload in the Microsoft Merchant Center. Check out the help page.

Yes, you can import your feed from Google Ads.

During our editorial review process, we reject product offers that violate one or more of the Microsoft Advertising Policies and Guidelines.

If you have made changes to comply with the policies or believe we have incorrectly classified your offers, you may request an appeal.

Local Inventory ads are an advertising format for your Microsoft Shopping campaigns that allows you to showcase your products and local retail store information to nearby shoppers on