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Microsoft Advertising keyword planner


Keyword planner is a valuable tool for advertisers to create and maintain a successful search ads campaign, and to expand and improve the ads’ performance and reach.

Benefits of using keyword planner

Choose wide or narrow locations

Keyword targeting settings help you simulate a narrow or wide campaign area — cities, metro areas, DMAs, states or provinces and nations.

Plan cross-border campaigns

Use keyword planner to research campaigns aimed at worldwide, all Microsoft Ads supported markets are now available with keyword planner.

Customize easily

Tailor results with filtering of historical statistics, inclusion or exclusion of phrases, and remove keywords already in use.

Free to use

It’s free to use this powerful keyword research tool once you have a Microsoft Advertising account.

Keyword planner features

Find new keywords

Search for new keywords using a phrase or entering a page from your website.

Plan your budget and get insights for keywords

Get search volume data, trends, performance, and cost estimates, so you can control your advertising budgets.

Start using keyword planner


Log in to your account and go to Tools > keyword planner.


In the “Find new keywords” text box, type, or paste the words, phrases, or a URL related to your business to get keyword ideas and search volume data.


If you already have some keywords and want to know more about the traffic, search volume on the Microsoft network, please use “Get search volume data and trends” to learn more.


Ready to create a campaign? Try “Get performance and cost estimates” before you settle down everything like bid and budget.

Start using keyword planner for your campaigns now

Keyword planner helps you create campaigns from scratch – easily and efficiently – and get budget estimates so you are always in control.

Frequently asked questions

Whether the language selected affects the publisher where the ad appears. The answer is yes, the language selected determines the publisher where your ads will appear. For example, by selecting the French language, your ad will appear only on French publishers but not on publishers in the English language.

If you’re not confident with what keywords can grow your business better, start with broad match makes your ad eligible for display when a search query includes the individual words in your keyword in any order, or even words related to your keyword. By covering more keyword variations, your campaign reaches a far wider variety of queries and a much bigger audience. Broad match helps you uncover new business opportunities, delivering impact on multiple levels without draining your budget and team resources.

The results in keyword planner are based on historical data and online algorithms. The estimate may vary due to ad copy, asset, or landing page quality. You may get better or worse results depending on a lot of things.