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Microsoft Video and Connected TV ads

When you run a video ad campaign with Microsoft, you can easily manage your ad formats, your target audiences, and how often people see your video ads across multiple devices with Video and Connected TV (CTV) ads.

Benefits of Video and Connected TV ads

Exceptional reach

Access a global marketplace for premium video and CTV buying to reach your audience wherever they are watching–across Microsoft properties, premium publishers, and the world’s top streaming platforms.

High value audiences

Thanks to billions of first-party data points that are only available with Microsoft, you can target a highly qualified audience and deliver results.

Designed for ease of use

It's never been easier to get up and running with Video and CTV. With Microsoft, there are no long onboarding processes, no setup fees, and it’s simple to optimize.

Two options to connect with your audience

Showcase your brand on today’s premium publishers and streaming services—including Hulu, Max, Pluto TV, Fox, MSN, CNN, Vevo, and more.


  • Video ads: Instream and outstream video ads on sites like Microsoft Start, Microsoft Casual Games, Activision Blizzard, Huffington Post, People, CBS Sports and more.

  • Connected TV ads: Full screen video ads on streaming platforms like Netflix, Max, Hulu, Roku, discovery+ and more.

Video and CTV ads by the numbers


CTV publishers1


Weekly US CTV and video impressions1


Years of CTV product investments1


Always-on video deals on our premium video catalog1

Which tools will help you with Video and CTV ads?

Audience targeting

Connect to the customers that matter most to you with Microsoft Advertising audience targeting tools.

See stronger engagement and returns by focusing your marketing on the customers most likely to convert.

Genre targeting

Target your Connected TV ads to specific content genres, including: action, business, gaming, travel, sitcoms, and more.



Get started now with Video and CTV ads


Select your ad type

Choose Video or Connected TV.


Create your ads

Upload your video creative.


Choose your targeting

Choose audience targeting parameters that align with your campaign goals.


Set your budgets, bids and frequency cap

Define your campaign budgets, bids, and frequency cap per hour, day or week.

Start running Video and CTV ads

Connect with your audience and delight your customers with video ads.

[1] Microsoft Advertising Network - audience, internal data, 2023.