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Brand awareness is an important part of a customer’s purchase journey and fundamental for your business’s long-term success. Building brand awareness using online advertising solutions, such as display ads, introduces your small business to new customers at the beginning of the purchase funnel. This article will help you learn more about boosting brand awareness with display ads and other online solutions to grow your business.

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What is brand awareness?


Like the name suggests, brand awareness is the degree to which consumers are familiar with your company and offerings. Brand awareness increases visibility around your business’s vision, purpose, and products. Some examples of brand awareness include your customer’s knowledge of your product or their decision to frequent your brand specifically over other similar brands.

Building brand awareness is essential for small businesses, as consumers can’t interact with a brand that they’re unaware of. Once a consumer forges a bond with your brand, they’re more likely to return and make repeat purchases. Brand awareness sits at the top of the marketing funnel, right above consideration and conversion.

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Brand awareness vs. brand recognition


While they might sound similar, brand awareness and brand recognition have a few differences. Brand recognition is the extent to which a consumer can correctly identify a company and its products by looking at imagery or listening to audio cues associated with the brand. While building brand recognition via logos, jingles, or a catchy business name is important, brand awareness is even more powerful. Unlike brand recognition, brand awareness elicits feelings from a consumer and impacts their purchasing choices. One of the best ways to increase brand awareness is via digital marketing, such as display advertising.

What is display advertising?


Display ads are an ideal way to increase brand awareness. Even if you don’t know the definition of a display ad, you’ve probably encountered one while browsing the web. Display ads are clickable ads that attract customers to your website, social media platform, or other digital medium, sometimes to perform a specific action. They can consist of video, images, or creative copy, and you can place them on third-party websites, apps, and social media.

Display ads are an effective form of digital marketing, as most internet users encounter them while going about their day. Display ads can appear anywhere on a webpage, usually at the top, bottom, or side, and they can remain static or scroll down the page with the user. Most display ads are rectangular or square, such as banner ads—an advertisement that spans the length of a webpage or other online media property. Video ads are another form of display advertising. They increase brand awareness by highlighting your product or brand in a short, informative video.

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How to boost brand awareness with display advertising


Display ads are targeted towards the audience that’s most likely to want your product or service. Many display ads are created through an ad network and rely on pay-per-click advertising, meaning your business pays for display ads based on the number of clicks each ad receives from potential customers. By using an ad network such as the Microsoft Audience Network, you can connect to your target audience and acquire new customers using AI technology.

Thanks to their ability to reach a targeted demographic, display ads are a great way to build brand awareness. Even if the ad’s initial click-through rate is lower than expected, display ads still garner visibility while being less disruptive than TV and radio advertisements. Putting the ad in front of your target audience familiarizes them with your brand and product, increasing search ad conversion and leading to organic traffic in the future.

Additional ideas for building brand awareness


While display advertising is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness, there are many other opportunities to familiarize your audience with your brand.

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Improve brand awareness with Microsoft Advertising


Brand awareness is integral for the success of a small business. You can have the best brand on the market, but customers won’t interact with that brand if they aren’t aware of it. Display advertising is an effective way to build this awareness while funneling potential buyers towards making a purchase.

Microsoft Advertising for small businesses is here to help you accomplish your company’s goals. Let us grow your small business and increase conversions with engaging display ads, while you save time and focus on other business endeavors.

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